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slowing down and enjoying the little things

with the first snow here in madison, wisconsin, it’s time for lots of tea! these are some of my favorites…i’m loving tazo teas like rest, cucumber white and vanilla apricot white. i’m even smitten by their packaging. and while i usually adore yogi teas, with their thoughtful sayings on the tea bags, i’m trying these for the first of the season. 

and of course with the snow, comes fun winter sweaters! brian and i took a little day trip and found ourselves at a vintage shop where he picked up this sweet unicorn tie and i found this adorable alphabet sweater!

but our biggest find of the day was this console radio and record player! 

i hardly ever listen to the radio, except on our little battery powered boombox whenever the power goes out. but this console radio fits right in our kitchen and it’s so much fun to just flip it on, wait for the tubes to warm up and listen to live radio… mostly classical and npr. i just adore garrison keilor’s a prairie home companion. it all feels simple and really makes the days slow down. and it’s been lovely to go record shopping again! so fun to just sit around and look through all of the albums!

well, i hope you have a lovely weekend…whether you’re listening to records or whatever you find yourself doing!


ps. on monday, i have a few book recommendations i can’t wait to share with you…lots of fun things to spark your creativity! but if you’re looking for a new read this weekend, my friend david anthony durham just released his latest book in the Acacia trilogy…The Sacred Band, happy reading!


  1. It's amazing to think there are still record players around that work! I liked the simplicity of the old ones and miss not being able to fix things nowadays when they break!
    Jess xx

  2. having a record player completely reminds me of these things…and having a radio that's really a piece of furniture does even more 🙂 have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Great post Juliette. Little things really do make life joyful 🙂

  4. Love Tazo teas! Yogi and Numi as well…

  5. Hello Juliette. Just having a little catch up. Nice to see you are enjoying life and drinking tea. I have been so busy that I didn't ever visit the blog that you said you had mentioned me on. I'm going to try and track it down right now. x

  6. a pretty post.


  7. i love finding great things like that player… hope you're having a great weekend!

  8. I love this post about slowing down and ack… what a great radio/record player! I am envious. Enjoy. 🙂

  9. I love Prairie Home Companion! And your finds are spectacular! Enjoy your tea and your day!!! 🙂

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