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Shop Update Tomorrow at 11AM EST!

my etsy shop has been a bit neglected lately, so i’m about to liven it up with lots of special items straight from my latest gallery exhibition and spring issue of somerset studio gallery!

each item is one-of-a-kind… 11 mounted prints and 6 originals. from little mixed media collages on paper to mounted prints and originals on wood. all available tomorrow at 11am EST!

see you at the shop tomorrow! 

Listen (8x8inches on wood)

Always A Reflection (6x6inches on wood)


  1. Très chouette tout ça!!! Gros bisous

  2. They look gorgeous and so cute.

  3. Wonderful! Will be peeking back. Who do you use as a printer?

  4. you're too kind!

    i print everything at home on demand in my “print shop.”

  5. They are soo full of color and cheer:O) Love them:O)

  6. Your own print shop. 😉
    How quaint!
    I'm so happy for you as your year is really treating you well! Congrats on everything you have achieved. You are one talented go-getter!

  7. They look great! I like the way you've painted the sides black, they look very effective displayed together like that. Good luck with the sales.:)xx

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