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Sometimes I feel like an adventurer on a ROCKY MOUNTAIN CLIMB. It can be scary when you don’t know what’s on the other side or even at the top. And sometimes I feel so unprepared. But what an exciting new adventure! Cheers to trying new things, taking that first step, and being fearless as you follow your own dreams!
What’s your exciting adventure?

The original mixed media painting ROCKY MOUNTAIN CLIMB has sold! Thanks so much for your continued support! Archival prints available in my Art shop!

ROCKY MOUNTAIN CLIMB 8 X 8 Inch Print of Original Mixed Media Painting
The original is created on 10 X 10 inch gallery wrapped canvas, so her journey continues around onto the sides and probably on after that. I used acrylics, pastels, watercolor, ink, and colored pencils. Then on top, applied an antique decoupage to soften up the key lime green and add a sense of magic.


  1. I love this!! My next adventure is my move to the Northwest Territories…and I'm trying to be fearless about it! 🙂

  2. so love this….my next adventure is spring break with my 4 kiddlies!! ; )

    i am so happy we have connected….i really admire your work and the messages that travel right along with them!

    happy friday
    sending love,

  3. I LOVE the colours in this one! Beautiful!

  4. I think my next coming adventure is spending next week with 5 puppies and the kids out of school. hehehe
    Your painting is lovely with very fresh colors!

  5. Lovely painting! so bright and I love her pose! My next adventure is an overseas trip with my family, (including two little boys) this one should be interesting!

  6. Lovely painting! Very fresh and positive .

  7. Tiene una mirada muy especial,

    felicidades bonito dibujo!

  8. love your latest two especially big dream believer; excellent backgrounds. GUESS WHAT – my necklaces are here, as well as my little presents you included in the package. THANKS SO MUCH they came so quickly. i love them completely!!!!! I will blog them later today. Was my birthday yesterday and feeling a little the worse for wear due to red wine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. eu gostei todos os seus trabalhos!

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