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My Book :: Inspired By The Little Things :: Out Now!

My first book :: Inspired By The Little Things is HERE! And I am SO thrilled to finally share it with you!

Click here to purchase a copy and watch a video preview.

This has been one of those dreams I’ve been waiting to materialize for SO long. And, I have to say, creating this book was a reminder to let go.

When I first said no to my offer from a big publisher, I felt I’d made a huge mistake. I’ve always dreamed of writing books and being published. How could I say no? But I had my own vision in mind and I realized what I was feeling was fear (mixed with crazy excitement). Luckily, I allowed that excitement to lead me.

Before I began painting all of my whimsical characters, I’d been writing a novel about a girl who could jump into her drawings (I’m still finishing it). That novel led me to my paintings and now my paintings are leading me back to my dream of publishing books.

When Brian and I first started working on this book, I thought I’d include chapters on my creative philosophy, technique, life as an artist stories and some art.

We began with the section I was most excited about… my art and the stories that go along with my paintings. I had such fun going through all of my early work that it was impossible not to include nearly every owl, girl and whimsical character. And soon, we had collected so many paintings and stories that it made up the entire book.

I knew this is just how this book wanted and needed to be (and it is so beautiful!). Seeing it come to life reminds me to keep following my dreams and I can’t wait to see where it all leads

Click here to purchase a copy and watch a video preview.

Thank you so much to everyone who has already ordered a copy… I can’t wait for you to get your books!

Have a phenomenal weekend!

Juliette Crane


Ps. If you’re interested in painting together, find my online painting classes here.


  1. Oh I bet it is just beautiful! Congratulations on your achievement!

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