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I just adore the girl in this new painting, POPPY PRINCESS. She is the tallest poppy in all of the land and will someday be crowned Queen.

Details and close-ups, along with archival prints, now available in my ART SHOP. Enjoy!

POPPY PRINCESS 8 X 8 Inch Print of Mixed Media Painting by JULIETTE CRANE
The idea for this painting came after reading that farmers cut down the tallest poppy in the field. Well, in my fairy tale land, those who stand out, tall and strong, are royalty and cannot be cut down. The original painting was created using acrylics, colored pencils, pastels, modern and vintage origami papers, pencil, ink, and artist pens. The girl’s face is drawn and then painted using lots of materials for a beautiful mixed media effect. Her dress is carefully cut from origami paper and then the pleats were drawn in with pastel. On top, I applied a decoupage finish.


  1. Oooo! I love her – no farmer will cut HER down! Just beautiful!

  2. The colors are wonderful. So vibrant and unique. It really makes me think of a poppy. Great work! xoxo

  3. Love it! Gorgeous as always!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. im so happy you stumbled on over to my blog so that i could return the favor – i LOVE your work. really cool. happy to be following 😀

  5. Wow! she is so beautiful and sring!

  6. LOVELY!!!! I really love all the colours and textures you use, her dress is so cute. I'm really enjoying playing with mixed media but have a lot to learn, could you tell me what a 'decoupage finish' is?

  7. THank you for flying over to my nest and leaving sweet comments! And YOUR work is gorgeous. I just love this poppy princess!
    We are experiencing the first heat of Spring so I'm sending it your way!

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