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Painting For The Heart – A NEW Mini Course & Early Bird Sale

(left) Befriend Even The Dragons. 9×12″ on Paper. (Sold)
(right) Stars At night. 9×12″ on Paper. (Sold)
Both of these paintings are projects in my online class PAINTING FOR THE HEART – A Mini Course
Other original paintings available here in my shop.



I am so crazy excited for my new online class PAINTING FOR THE HEART – A Mini Course where we’ll celebrate creative play and overcome perfectionism.

To celebrate, I’m opening registration with a very special EARLY BIRD SALE (this will be the lowest price for this class this year).

Sign up for Early Bird registration now at $45 (use code HEART). Once that sale price tier fills up, the class will return to full pricing of $55. 3 Month Payment Plans are also available and the appropriate early bird discount will be applied at checkout.

Register Here.

This class has been on my mind for some time as I’ve been painting more and more as a form of art therapy, which has reawakened my inner child and brought more joy and play into my life. I’m so excited to have more fun painting with you and exploring new techniques, styles and playing with my favorite art supplies.

In this online workshop, I’ll share five mixed media projects that will cover many techniques and characters. We’ll paint on a variety of surfaces… canvas, paper and cardboard.

There will be some shorter projects to encourage you to take action and create every day along with longer projects to help you create in a way that is unique to YOU.

My hope for you in this course, is that you get lost in the joy of painting and believe in the work you create, so you can find bliss in the process, let it all flow with no right or wrong and create from a place that is authentic and unique to you.

The classroom will remain open to you for a year when you register now, so if you’d like to get the most out of this class, be sure to register early!

I just can’t thank you all enough for your kindness, encouragement and support! THANK YOU! I cannot wait to paint more with you. Painting has always been my passion. And I am so very honored to be able to share my art with you!

See What We’ll Be Painting In Painting For The Heart, Read the FAQ and REGISTER HERE.

Have a phenomenal weekend!

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane

Ps. Here’s a little of what students have been saying…

“We love your classes! I also do them with my kids. They love creating their own animals and the music! Thank you for inspiring our family!” -Sarah Quiroz

“Juliette’s classes are soul-filling! I WISH I could express how you have changed my vision and freed my mind.” -Dana Strickland

“Juliette shows how she works through creating a painting. What is especially great about this, besides the tips on technique, methods, and art materials, is that she shows how she goes through the ugly stages or the “this isn’t working” stages and pushes through. It is very inspirational (and comforting) to see a person who paints for a living also struggles with these issues.” -Renata Wurster

“Your classes opened my eyes to having more fun creating. I now am not scared of starting a project and I’m having a blast creating backgrounds!” -Nina Marie

“Thank you!! For teaching me to let go…splash paint…enjoy…and discover the joy of serendipitous moments.” -Sandy Leamon Derryberry

“I can’t tell you how much I learn from you explaining what you’re doing wrong and right while you’re painting. I feel so much more confident in my own art because of this, I am forgiving myself when I can’t paint a perfect picture, make a perfect doll or quilt on the first try.” -Peggy McDevitt

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