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Owl Paintings & Letting Go

Title: In Time. Original Painting 7×7″ on wood available here.


If ever I am feeling like I just don’t want to get into my studio, thinking I have no time or no idea what to paint, I get out my favorite colors and paint owls.

Painting owls brings me back into my comfort zone. I begin with the same simple shapes I’ve always used to create my owls (watch a video demonstration here).

From there, my imagination can wander. And I always relate to owls.

Here are a few more recent owl paintings…

Title: It’s Time To Let Go. Original Painting 7×7″ on wood available here.

When the life journey seems far too long and blocked, the one thing to always return to most is to follow your bliss, remembering there are moments when IT’S TIME TO LET GO and allow everything to flow.

Title: Rise. Original Painting 7×7″ on wood available here.

It may take pushing through the jungle and diving into the sea, but your spirit will RISE splendid and free.


For each of these owls, I used similar supplies and similar techniques, working on all three paintings at once.

This helped me stay in my comfort zone while also letting go. Because I had three paintings going at once, I was less afraid of making a mistake, which pushed me to try something new. It also helped me stay in my creative flow, since I could work on one painting while letting the others dry.

I used acrylic paints, inks, pencil, paint pens, lokta paper and bleeding art tissue paper to create my layers. On top, I applied a spray varnish to keep everything in place, a vintage-hued decoupage to add warmth, and then a coat of wax to add depth and protect the painting.

Keeping things simple, while allowing my creativity to fly free, helps me make sure I am having fun and playing in my artwork.

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane


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  1. Hey juliette thank you for giving me so much inspiration…! love your owl…

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