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OWL Art Show & New Gift Items Coming Soon!

“Bloom” 12 x 12 by carrie schmitt

i’ve been kind of amazed at all of the gorgeous owls that have come out of my HOW TO PAINT AN OWL e-course! it’s been so fun to see everyone start with my simple owl template and painting process and create so many wonderful paintings with characters that are uniquely them!

“You are my Home” 12 x 12 by carrie schmitt

carrie schmitt decided to do owl paintings inspired by each one of her children.

“You blessed me with energy” 12 x 12 by carrie schmitt

she even documented the process start to finish on her blog! it’s so fun to see the evolution of them all! 

by Peg Pritchett

peg pritchett is a lovely artist i met in a local artist’s way group, which just happened to take place at the same time as my first HOW TO PAINT AN OWL e-course…it was just a bit serendipitous 

by Peg Pritchett

she hadn’t picked up a paintbrush in ages!

by Peg Pritchett

and now she not only made her favorite room into a studio, but she started a blog to share her story and all of her beautiful paintings!

Being Your Best by Peg Pritchett

i just can’t get over all of her amazing new work! and she has her first art show coming up too (congratulations, peg!)!

paintings by donna wynn

donna wynn is also an amazing artist and painted so many beautiful owls…i just love them all lined up like this!

donna wynn’s studio

i was also completely blown away by all of these colorful threads and textiles in her studio!

by renee gardner

and it’s always fun to see owls transform into bats and other whimsical creatures…

by renee gardner

they may even inspire something like these flamingos!.

thank you to everyone who has shared their beautiful owls! you can find more gorgeous artwork and read everyone’s testimonials right here!


i just received a few more lovely mounted prints and handmade notecards that I had published in somerset studio gallery! so i’ve decided to do one BIG SHOP UPDATE later this week! full of small originals and other special little gift items.  


  1. WOW!! awesome work!! cant wait for my class to start!

  2. Well, that was a fun post! I really enjoyed seeing all that creativity!

  3. Simply beautiful work by your students! I especially love the first painting by Carrie Schmitt. You must be so proud! Wini xo

  4. PS: Congrats on your feature in Somerset Gallery, YAY!!! xox

  5. This is going to be an amazing show! You go girl! All your art is so beautiful!

  6. so inspiring
    congratulations on all your achievements and those of your students
    i hope to become one soon

  7. Gorgeous work by your students and yay to the shop update, cant wait to see your new pieces. 🙂

  8. Hey Juliette – So fun to see the owls from the class, I'm sure the next class will be wonderful too!
    Some of the pieces of mine you posted are still morphing and developing.
    One of the many creative walls that came down during your e-course was my fear of not knowing when a painting was done. Now I know without a doubt when a painting is complete, it feels balanced and, well, just plain old done. Plus now I have other pieces to jump into, yay!
    See you around,

  9. Great work!!!! and congratulation for beeing published 🙂

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