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Overcoming Perfectionism & Getting Over Creative Blocks

Blossom. 10×10 on wood. Original paintings are available here in my shop.


I have been so inspired by all of the creating going on in my Happy Painting class. Seeing everyone’s gorgeous artwork has reminded me to have fun and play.

I can’t wait to see what everyone creates in my new online class PAINTING FOR THE HEART (the first sale spots sold out in less than a week, so I’ve added more and there are just a few left… use code HEART).

One of the things that helps me get over creative blocks is to try out new art supplies. A few weeks ago, I dug through my art supply closet and pulled out some old supplies I hadn’t used in ages.

I found a bottle of white india ink that I never knew what to do with. I started dripping and splattering it all over a few pieces I’d started with faces or backgrounds, but was really not liking them yet. Then I dripped on a few colored inks. And that’s when I started to have fun again.

The colors all marbled together.

Because I was trying something new, I didn’t have any expectations.

I combined something new and out of my comfort zone with something I knew I liked (yellow orange azo and magenta acrylic inks), so there was no perfectionism stopping me from painting and playing.

I had so much fun spinning my canvas and blowing on the ink to make it move in different directions. It’s something I used to do with watercolors as a kid. I’d cover our ping pong table with typing paper, then drip colors and watch them swirl together.

I pushed my style and creativity by trying something new and going with what I liked.

And it all got me playing again.

Of course, if you have your own tips or tricks to share on getting over creative blocks and overcoming perfectionism — I’d love to hear that too! I’ll be sure to look for your suggestions in the comments at the end of this post.

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane

Ps. I am so excited for my new class PAINTING FOR THE HEART Thank you to everyone that has already registered… there’s such an incredible group already!

The first sale spots sold out in less than a week, so I’ve added more and there are just a few left. Sign up for Early Bird registration at $45 (use code HEART). Once that sale price tier fills up, the class will return to full pricing of $55. 3 Month Payment Plans are also available and the appropriate early bird discount will be applied at checkout.


  1. I’m so excited to take your class! I’ve admired your work and the way you work freely. I’d love to incorporate that into my own work and style. I start out free and then I go back and “correct” things until I can’t stand the end result. It’s so frustrating sometimes, but I’m working on letting go and look forward to learning how to “Paint for the Heart.”

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