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our new years celebration!

we usually do a pretty low-key new year’s eve at home with friends and loads of good food! but this year we really did things up and celebrated 2011 with a weekend at a cabin in the woods!
we met our good friends up at the cabin and spent our mornings eating big breakfasts, sipping tea and coffee and watching deer right outside the window!
the entire refrigerator was always packed with lots of good food!
we cooked some delicious dishes like this Lebanese stew with tofu and chicken on the side!
and made eating an event, with folded napkins and all …
for every meal!
 we spent evenings taking walks in the snow and talking around the fire pit.
and of course we celebrated new years eve…
with sparklers…
and tons of fireworks!
then we warmed up inside by the fire…
and enjoyed the entire weekend together!


  1. Splendid! Looks like a great time 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sounds like a lovely and fun weekend! Happy New Year!

  3. Your sparkler photos are wonderful1

  4. cool pics, I love your work!!

  5. It looks like you guys had the most amazing holiday! That is SUCH a gorgeous cabin and I'm so envious of the deer watching and fireworks! tehe

  6. What a romantic way to start the new Year.:)

  7. looks like it was a lot of fun!

  8. We had a lovely time with you guys celebrating the beginning of another new year!!

  9. What a fun celebration! I love those food photos…looks delicious. So, I just realized that I will be meeting you at AAJ this year! Very exciting. I love when the blog world comes to life.


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