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opening party & art show!

just over a year ago, i had what i call my FIRST BIG ART OPENING in madison, wisconsin. 

i signed on to be part of madison’s gallery night and hosted an art show and opening at my favorite local coffeehouse, the evp.

i remember this opening party as my first big art event because absolutely everyone turned out that night! brian’s band ghost town council performed and we filled the coffeehouse with family and friends from all over!

this event was also HUGE for me becuase it really catapulted my confidence and belief in myself as an artist and how i could share my life and art with the rest of the world!

so to celebrate and as a BIG THANK YOU! brian and i are hosting another opening party FRIDAY, JUNE 24!

we hung the art show at the evp earlier this week and it looks fantastic! i can hardly believe how many paintings there are!

and i’m so proud that this is the first time i’m showing a piece from my new large painting series (this is your life, 30×30 inches)!

it’s really amazing to think that only a little more than a year ago, i had my first show at this location and it literally spun all of this confidence into me to accomplish so much this last year

i was very happy to update my little artist bio here…and to add in a bit about the upcoming session of my next HOW TO PAINT AN OWL E-course!

and looking back, i seriously would have never ever thought i would have just gotten home from a lovely art retreat and trip to england!

or that my artwork would be featured in somerset studio gallery and somerset studio magazines!

and that i had the opportunity to be invited to teach at artfest 2012! and have had so many amazing teaching experiences with my HOW TO PAINT AN OWL workshops already!

well, i can’t think of a better reason to celebrate and have our second annual opening party! and this time we have three amazing bands performing!

i so wish you all could be there! i think i might just have to shoot a bit of video to share and will definitely snap lots and lots of photos! if you are in wisconsin at the end of june, i hope to see you there!

Friday, JUNE 24 6-10PM
EVP Coffeehouse East
1250 E.Washington Ave
Madison, Wisconsin

With live music from local americana bands…GHOST TOWN COUNCIL, NICK BROWN and DAN and HIS FAULTS.


THANK YOU! thank you! for all of your amazing support and encouragement this past year! you have touched my heart even more than you could ever know…

AND as a bit of a celebration and THANK YOU to you … i’ll have a SPECIAL SALE for you here on MONDAY! Sign up for my newsletter if you’d like a little reminder! 

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I soooooo wish I could manage a trip out to Wisconsin for this!!!

    I couldn't leave a comment before, but I was so thrilled for you on your fantastic spread in Somerset Gallery! I was delighted to see you among its pages before I even heard the news here 😀 Congrats…what a wonderful journey and accomplishment!!

    This Art Show looks to be something special! I'm so bummed I don't live out that way 🙁

    Have a blast….soak in all the goodness of this moment…you've earned it 🙂

  2. i always find it amazing that when art work is displayed in a gallery it takes on a new look, becomes different – art is dynamic ever changing – depending on where it is sitting at that moment and who is looking at it – congratulations – have fun

  3. I wish I could come! :)) YOu had quite a successful year so far and we're only a half into it. Imagine the possibilities! Congrats on all you achievements! 🙂

  4. oohhh shine girlie, what a blessing you are! 🙂

  5. thank you!!! have a wonderful weekend!

    xoxo juliette

  6. Congratulations, Juliette! It looks wonderful. So exciting to see all that you and your owls have accomplished. 🙂 What a year!!

  7. Lovely to read this post Juliette – and fun to know where the large painting started life 🙂

  8. Great pics, you've hung you paintings to perfection. Congrats! on so many dreams coming true. As they say in the theater–Break a leg on June 24th.

  9. Wow Juliette this is all so amazing! I wish I could come. You have achieved so much in such a short time, it really is inspiring. Wish you more of the same and then some. 🙂

  10. Huge congratulations. You are such an inspiration Juliette.

  11. I will be gone. But it is SO GOOD TO have your work back up at EVP. That's when we discovered you – I didn't realize it had been your first real show. Yay!

  12. My friend, I was happy to be at your first show…and am looking forward to being with you again at your second! Much love and support-Jess

  13. Hey Juliette, I am so happy and proud to see your growth this last year. You are flying ….Keep going…and enjoy this amazing ride!

  14. How awesome this is! Huge congrats to you Juliette…it has been a fabulous year for you & it has been a pleasure reading about it! So looking forward to some pics. 🙂 Have a great weekend!!

  15. wow. you really do inspire me to push forward with this creative life. one day, too, I hope to have an art opening. I will report back. 🙂

  16. Congratulations Juliette! What a great, full year it's been and what a great year it promises to be!

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