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I just took down my paintings from the local library for a new exhibit at the EVP East Coffeehouse. And I have to say, the older and newer paintings have never been in the same room together. So I just had to take them all outside for a few family photos. Over 40 of my mixed media paintings will be on exhibit along with lots of mounted prints, that I’ll also be adding soon to my art shop!

Brian’s band Ghost Town Council will be performing at the opening May 7 and we’ll have plenty of drinks and food on hand to make it an incredible evening. Check out the gallery night map to see all participating venues. We’d love to see you there!

Opening Reception: May 7, 5-9PM
EVP East Coffeehouse Exhibit: April 18-May 16


  1. How exciting! They all look so beautiful laying there together! Have a lovely Sunday!

  2. These are great Juliette.

    Very sweet…I like your style.


  3. oh wow, what a fantastic collection you have! congrats on the upcoming coffee shop exhibit.
    What a thrill that would be!

  4. They look amazing together!

  5. they look so stunning all together like that! and congratulations on your new show!

  6. so cool, love your art, very colorful

  7. Oh, look at all these fun, colorful pieces together–I love them!

  8. i just adore them together!
    it's like a whole bouquet of your
    bloomed beauty bounty! x

  9. I will be in my first art show this coming week. After reading your post today I feel an excitement building and I can do this attiude. Love how you use color in your art. I am having a good time reading your previous posts.

  10. Love them! They look beautiful like this!!!!

  11. I just love a big, colorful and happy family!! You're going to have a grand time at your show, and to have your husband's band there…so special for both of you.

    Can't wait to hear all about it!!

  12. My goodness, your paintings look like the most beautiful patchwork quilt the way you have them set out like that! Gorgeous artwork! Best of luck with you new show! xo Paulette

  13. wish I could be there to join in the fun! you're paintings look so cool on the ground and photographed like that. I LOVE all those fabulous colors.

  14. How exciting..fabulous news..I love hearing about your adventures! Gorgeous enchanting spirit!

  15. So glad I found your blog as well. Your work is so much fun! I look forward to reading more. I love your sub-title about the little things in life. That's also were I look for inspiration.

  16. What great family shots. I'm sure many will sell soon, so you'll be glad you took a fami;y portrait while you had the chance. 🙂

  17. What pretty pictures are all beautiful, are distinctive and have a great personality. Luck!

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