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on trying something new + thank you!

INTUITION (11×14 inches, Canvas Board)
Prints and the Original available in my etsy shop.

thank you to everyone for all of your support and encouragement! these long nosed characters are new for me, and i’m so happy to have found them through lots of experimenting and playing in mindy lacefield’s paint your story e-course

i’ve had so much fun creating these new whimsical characters, coming up with their stories and letting my imagination really wander. but no matter how many times i put new art out for the world to see, it’s always a little like the first day of school when it’s a new character. 

so thank you!

The weather has been lovely here in Wisconsin, and I’ve been pulling out all of my art supplies and heading out into the backyard and painting, painting, painting! It’s wonderful to be creating while surrounded by flower gardens, birds singing, and baby bunnies hopping about! It’s definitely inspiring these new characters! 

And, I realized it’s not the best idea to paint out in the sun with my oil pastels…yet the melted wax did make for an amazing, spreadable layer of thick color!

INTUITION (11×14 inches, Canvas Board)
Prints and the Original available in my etsy shop.
For this piece, I combined lots of mixed media elements…sumi and india inks, acrylics, wallpaper, oil pastel, chalk pastel and glitter. 

This man may be walking down the street beside you or sitting with you on the train. But when his wings come out, you know he has something to say, whispering in your ear to always follow and know your INTUITION.

have you been creating or finding anything new? i’d love to know what you’ve been up to! 



ps. i can hardly believe we start painting today in HOW TO PAINT A GIRL! if you’d like to paint a few whimsical characters of your own and play with lots of layering, find all of the details and register here.

there’s also a session of HOW TO PAINT AN OWL coming up in July! 

AND both classes will soon be available as Self-Paced Classes too! To be sure class fits into your schedule, all of my classes will soon be available on-demand, so you can access them instantly, and paint when you want for at least a year!


  1. what a beautiful and lovely painting! I love this face and the eyes are so expressive. Bravo!

  2. you have some great work,love seeing it.

  3. we're enjoying some amazing weather too here in UK at the moment – I haven't yet taken my art outside!!! But well, it sounds like you've discovered something with the oil pastels in the sun 🙂

    Hope you're well.


  4. i was in the UK a year ago today, up in yorkshire for the do what you love retreat, and the weather was and scenery was so nice! i definitely recommend painting outside if you can…it's so fun to see it inspiring my artwork 🙂

  5. Just love what you're creating. The faces are magical.
    Nice here in Mi.too but breezy. Too much so to paint outside.
    Hugs, Amy jo

  6. I love these new characters! So great to pop by here and see you up to so many wonderful things, a year after Do What You Love.

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