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on roller skates and feeling forever young

TITLE: Forever Young. Prints available in my etsy shop
There’s a HUGE part of me that just wants to curl up and hide whenever I face left-brained activities like time management, planning and organization. I’ve been calling all of that stuff work, so of course it becomes work, even though the task-master side of me thrives on it all and feels like such an achiever each time something gets crossed off the to-do list.
I’m finding I have to make this “work” fun or I get burned out. So, I decided to make some change and now write my to-do list beside my kiddie pool, or trade working on researching licensing for writing positive notes on paper and sticking them in spots along the bike path for people to find. I’m much more excited by the second task, and if I have something like that to look forward to, I don’t mind making time for the other stuff.
A few years ago, I went out roller skating and had a ton of  fun! Afterward I told myself I would go skating more often because it made me so happy! Of course I haven’t gone again, and now I’m realizing those are the moments I want more of in my life. Those are the things that make me really feel happy and free. I literally pencil yoga, journaling and hikes into my schedule. Now, I’m going to start doing that for other fun things too, like my remembered love for roller skating and dancing!
This book, CREATIVE TIME and SPACE, has been helping me along too. It’s really been inspiring to read about the lives of other artists and learn how they manage the creative with the business and still find time to be doing what they love in the studio. I definitely recommend it, especially if you’re seeking life balance. And the artwork inside is just brilliant!
TITLE: Forever Young. The Original Mixed Media Painting is available in my etsy shop.
I was inspired to create this painting FOREVER YOUNG to express the happiness I feel when I let go of all of the expectations I’ve set for myself and make time for the things I LOVE, knowing the joy and freedom they bring. In the background, I pasted clippings from stories and poems I’d written on graph paper, copies of my favorite paintings, and cards I’d received from best friends. Anything that really makes me smile and feel FOREVER YOUNG. 
I layered on my polka dot stencil that I’d made using a hole-punch and spray painted the patterned background. Then, I added vintage wallpaper, featuring a strong and courageous lion, for the girl’s dress. I added all sorts of other things from my studio-ink, acrylics, watercolor, origami paper, pastel, spray paint, and pencil. Once I glued on her belt, I knew the flower at the center was a theme and since flowers bring me so much joy, I thought she would of course be tracking down that same thing. So I added the second flower in the sky. Like a firefly, it represents to me the happiness and joy I seek out and find in the universe.   


  1. Thanks you for your suggestions about time management. I am a total right brainer too and have a really hard time making the switch. I will definitely check the book out. Love the blog and artwork BTW.

  2. she is brilliant!!!
    & i'm noticing
    are popping up
    all around me!
    so glad to find
    them here
    & w/her
    & w/you!

  3. Love how you collaged this piece–what a wonderful way to create, and so great that your making time for the joys in your life!

  4. Hi Juliette. Those are great ideas. You have to make time for yourself with the things that you LOVE to do. Glad you are making a schedule to make time to pamper yourself. She is beautiful.

  5. Thank you so much, everyone!

  6. I LOVE your new piece. As far as the business side of things, I am the worst about keeping track of receipts–it drives my hubby crazy! Hey, we're artsy peeps, right?

    Childhood always conjures up great memories for me too. Some relatives from Spain recently visited and they had never seen fireflies–they couldn't believe it! Anyway, I was a serious roller-rink groupie as a kid. I remember skating around in circles to Bon Jovi! The good old days…thanks for bringing all these memories back to me!

  7. I've always been a huge bon jovi fan, carrie. my favorite roller skating song was “Jump” by van halen 🙂

  8. I love this piece – gorgeous colours! And..I also LOVED roller skating when I was young, so I just how you felt!

  9. Hi Juliette … you have to know I LOVE your work!

  10. I just love your post. That flower-firefly in the sky is so wonderful! I am also reading that book, “Creative Time and Space”. It has so many good ideas for organizing my priorities…My summers are so different from the rest of my yearm though. In the summer I can do all of these creative things that I want and need to do, but when I am back to work in my classroom, I am gone for 11 hours each day, so I have been thinking about how I can bring more creativity into my “other life” so I keep my spirit up and free. 'Creative To Do' Lists are what we all need, right!?! ~Kathy

  11. Love your post so much – and just ordered the book online (thanks for the tip)! Loved the roller rink – my fav was going backwards – wonder if I still have it in me 🙂
    Love your painting so much – the colors are so calming! Great post – thanks so much!

  12. Dearest Juliette, this is such an inspiring post! I have to check out that book “Creative Time and Space” ~ thanks so much for sharing it with us! Your painting is really pretty as always! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  13. she is gorgeous!

    i happened to watch the 80s movie XANADU the other night with a little 9 year old friend who had never seen it before. what a hilarious skate movie. have u seen it?

  14. i don't think i have seen XANADU, kerri. i love 80's movies and will have to check it out.

  15. I love the colors of your painting, that blue is just glowing!

    I am always wishing I could be organized and diligent with my work too, but I can't seem to get it to happen!

    Chic on the Cheap

  16. The book sounds wonderful, I feel that way about running, I won't give it up even when I have no time because I love it and it help me feel less stressed afterward, so I always pencil it in.
    Love the painting!

  17. Hi Juliette… thanks for popping over to my place :O) I love your latest paintings… they are delicious. I had a firefly in my bedroom the other night…. it was amazing!!!

  18. woaw that most tender person, I like all those who believe they have a lot of personality. greetings

  19. me encantan tus personajes, son tiernos, dulces y bellos!

  20. Hi Juliette
    Love this, and cool to learn a bit of your process too. The hole-punched stencil idea is so simple but brilliant.
    If the house works out I am going to come back and treat myself to something from your lovely shop for my new studio 🙂

  21. really inspirational post, I would like to be more organized with my time (Because I found my self sometimes not having fun… and that's not fair… have fun and enjoy because we only have one life to be happy!

    have a nice day

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