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on my studio table

my studio table is a bit of a mess right now! i’ve got a lot of different paintings going on, all at once! i’m dying to paint larger, but while i’m building the new canvases, i’ve started a ton more little ones!
i haven’t been spending as much time as i would like painting (one of the things i’d like to make more of a priority for 2011), but the thing i noticed the other day was this…i can feel my style changing again. the last time i really felt this was when i first started painting my owls!
now, i’m still loving owls (or these animal characters that sometimes just so happen to have beaks). but these new paintings have this airy quality about them.
title: she stands out. prints available in my etsy shop.
they’re very similar to the feel of this painting, she stands out and clear skies rest over my heart, where there is not such a distinction between where the owl ends and background begins.
and crazy enough, i actually started these new paintings before beginning my misty mawn class and those initial sketches. but it all really has a similar drawn in feel.

i’ve also been incorporating a lot of pieces from the gorgeous holiday cards we got this year!

along with clippings from this most amazing gift from my sister-in-law! her collection of vintage postcards, cards and photos that she’d been saving up for years!

they are so lovely and inspiration in themselves with all of the little notes scrawled inside and on the backs. i’m always wondering what happened to the people who sent the letters and where these notes ended up.

i can hardly believe my luck to have all of these amazing pieces to embellish with! and i can’t wait to see what these new pieces turn into!


  1. Very nice Juliette. The idea of the cards is good and I like using cut outs from cards I receive. Thanks for sharing, I always love your work. Have a great weekend.

  2. Mess? where? You should see mine! Love your owls and your blog – I've been lurking a while.

  3. What a great gift from your sis! It will be fun to see your style evolve. thanks for the peeks.

  4. You are a busy lady! And what a wonderful gift!

  5. I love looking at peoples creative places…no one can be neat painting. You get to caught up in creating to think about a few splashes hear and there and if the lid is back on the paint tube. I like the new airy look and I look forward to how you use those awesome cards.

  6. love seeing your work space!!

    isn't it fun to watch how we evolve and change on this creative journey??!!

    anxious to see all your new creations.

    big loves

  7. I love the new look of the owls…it seem like everyone has a signature animal you have the owls and Kelly Rae has the birds….I need to come up with something!!! LOL

  8. love seeing your work space! hugs

  9. so fun seeing where you work and what you are up to. it can be so hard to find the time to create!
    i have so much in my head right now and nowhere near the time. dang!

    happy sunday.

  10. love seeing the place where you create. so fun.

  11. Love your work. I get the same feeling you do about my style changing. It happens to me every once in a while, and I can feel the morphing of style, texture, and brush strokes. It's love looking at old pieces and comparing to see the evolution of work. Your work is amazing, keep up your blogging too, so inspirational.

  12. That's a great idea to incorporate the cards you've received into your art. Love it.

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