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on my studio table – new backgrounds!

it’s time to experiment!

on my studio table, there are loads of new backgrounds just waiting for their characters! 

i’ve been uncovering and discovering lots of new painting techniques for my upcoming How To Paint A Girl e-course i dug out all sorts of art supplies that i hadn’t used in a while- sequins, glitter, vintage wallpapers and more! and am having so much fun playing with everything in my studio!

i had quite a few unfinished paintings that i didn’t like, so i decided to try a bit of covering up with some vintage wallpaper i’d had and some sheet music i’d picked up at the antique store.

i spilled paint on the table and the papers soaked it up so beautifully, that i decided to do a bit of intentional dyeing of origami paper and turquoise paint (up there at the top).

i tried out a few new paint colors too…like this green i’m not loving unless it’s mixed with a bit more blue,

this yellow oxide that looks amazing mixed with white,

and this crimson that works perfectly as a translucent hue over lots of texture!

next, i tried out lots of brushes…even random things from around the house like a dish scrub, rolled up newspaper, and cardboard!

i tried them all with different paints and techniques over the paper.

but i always seemed to come back to my love of finger painting!

have you been creating anything lately?


*i’m so honored to have my she stands out owl included in My Owl Barn’s 2012 Downloadable Calendar! there are so many adorable owls featured…definitely check it out!


**thank you so much to the lovely julie and sandra for their recent blog posts, featuring the owls and backgrounds they’ve been creating in How To Paint An Owl!

have an amazing weekend!


  1. Love seeing the process and love how free you're being with experimenting. That's what I lack and I know it. Must free myself up to express! Thanks for the great reminder. Fun post.

  2. finger painting is the most fun…you should definitely try it or playing with Playdoh…two things I relearned I love 🙂

    have a lovely weekend!

  3. The backgrounds look exciting! Can't wait to see what you paint on them! I haven't been working much on anything artistic lately. I've decided to pursue my own loose tea business, importing and blending teas under my own label. So that's what I've been working on!

  4. that is wonderful, diane! congratulations!

  5. Love all of the backgrounds! I have lots of patterned paper I keep wanting to add to paintings – this post just might be the boost I need to get working on it!

  6. Your backgrounds are so full of color and texture! Beautiful!

    I was able to snag some time to paint last night and had such a fun time creating a background for a new piece. I think I actually giggled at one point…

  7. Yes! We've been finger painting and painting with our toes here at my house 😉 Can't wait to see what this ends up to be.

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