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on dreaming the impossible

TITLE: who do you think you are?
when i look at this painting, i think someone must have just asked this little lady, “who do you think you are?” her look back holds all of the strength and determination of someone on a journey where nothing can stand in their way!
TITLE: who do you think you are?
this painting came about on a windy night after i’d covered up the canvas (what felt like) a thousand times! but from the start, i had her eyes. that doesn’t often happen, usually i find the background and the rest of a character’s body first. but with just a quick sketch, i was drawn to painting in her eyes. 
to me, they are so powerful, and i thought she needed a powerful crown around her head to match. so at first, she got these giant peacock feathers, which were quite nice, but totally overdone for the painting. i decided to keep her simple and painted over the peacock-look with white and then a thin layer of light blue. 
i added a few sheets of origami paper, some black india ink for the tree and shadows, then melted a thin coat of beeswax over the top to give this painting a matte finish. it really feels like a moment stuck in time-like a creature fossilized in amber. and it’s a painting that’s meant to inspire whoever sees it to remember, just WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

ps. i’ve been busy giving my studio a makeover! photos and the story of this bit of a revival coming on WEDNESDAY!

pps. i’ll be sending out my next monthly newsletter soon-ish! if you’re feeling so inclined, sign up right here! there most definitely will be a coupon included with this one!


  1. Lovely painting. I too have been doing a studio makeover by getting rid of stuff. YIKES! (and not always fun) Looking forward to see your transformation. I hope it is the fun kind where you get to rearrange…make better us of the space… 🙂

  2. I love her eyes too, I bet she looks even more amazing in person. :)Looking forward to seeing your studio space!

    ps: Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've entered your name twice for the giveaway.
    Have a great week!

  3. thanks, jenny! i'm so happy with my new studio space! it really fits me so much better now and i can't wait for you to see it on Wed 🙂

    xo, juliette

  4. “Who do you think you are?”

    Anyone who asks that better be ready for an earful!


  5. i love that, susan. and had that as the painting's title and might just need to change it back 🙂

  6. So pretty. I just love your owls! I agree that she is so sweet yet strong. Which I think is a great combination!:) Looking forward to Wednesday. Ohhh, and just signed up for your newletter…Yay! Have a happy day. 🙂

  7. No one will mess with her, lol! I love the expression too, but I love all your owls.
    looking forward to a peak inside your studio 🙂

  8. Dearest sweet juliette, i aodre her eyes lots too! Beautiful painting!! A studio makeover sounds fun and wonderful! I'm looking forward to see your transformation. I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Happy new week and love to you!

  9. oh i LOVE her eyes too. i think i have given that look to a few folks in my life before! you are such a talent! i also look forward to seeing a peek at your studio.

  10. Great owl. You used very pretty colors.

  11. Wow, I adore her eyes! Stunning! Ooooh…can't wait to peek inside your studio!!

  12. Such a powerful image and those eyes! Cant wait to see the studio makeover. I'm so eager to get into my new space…. xx

  13. BEAUTIFUL Juliette! I see the same the you do. I see strength, confidence & attitude! *LIKE* ANOTHER wonderful piece girl!

  14. You just keep getting better and better…how is that possible.:) It is amazing how you can get each owl to have their own unique personality. So fun!!!

  15. I love this Juliette! I love the story behind it. Its always in the eyes.

  16. can't wait to see your new art space :)! and your ecourse!!! 🙂 jan

  17. Wonderful illo!Love the colours and the expression:)

  18. Wonderful owl! Love your line work!

  19. i love this one. so glad you allowed her to come out!

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