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old sketchbooks, poetry + some really good news!

so how on earth did i find all of the space to split my studio into two rooms
well, one of the fun things about giving my studio a makeover was cleaning out the closet that now houses all of my printing and packaging supplies! inside, we’d stored piles and piles of books-always intending to turn the room into a library.
right now, all of those books went into another closet (we’re lucky enough to have lots and lots of them!).
but as i was going through all of that closet chaos, i found so many things i’d forgotten!
like my old sketchbooks! this one is actually from high school. AND it stands out in my mind as my first mixed media sketch. we were told to draw an object from the still life. and then give it some kind of emotion and energy. i couldn’t help myself from using ink, pastels, watercolors and pencil all at once! it seemed totally natural to me. 
and, while the scissors themselves are quite boring, i just adore how the paper is torn and wrinkled from watercolor puddles and lots and lots of scribbling!

i also remember my art teacher walking by and saying how much he loved my drawing. encouragement is so important. i mean, i remember this sketch because i tried something new and my teacher showed it (with admiration) to the rest of the class!i’m super happy i still have it and it was a really nice memory to find.

i also came across this poem-thin spaghetti strings. i love short bursts of writing like this. it’s from my university poetry class. i remember the teacher saying it takes pages and pages of bad writing to get to that one shimmer of light. and sometimes you might think it’s terrible or you’ll have only one line and you don’t find the rest of the poem or story and your love for it all until you come back to it years later.
all of these journals were in that closet. and there’s tons and tons of poetry in these. slowly, i’m going through them all-finding old goal lists, dreams, reflections and memories. i’ve kept a journal since i got my first little pink hearted one with the lock and key at age 8. they all have their stories. and it’s fun and dreamy to go back and read.
and then there’s the pile of books that i’m letting go. i’ve kept so many from move to move (and i used to move at least once a year since college). i collected many from my job as an assistant editor in minneapolis (where i got to go through the book editor’s books!). 
it’s a funny thing to see them all and to know i’m finally ready to let them go to new homes.


and my good news? well,  my blog is going to be featured in the spring issue of ARTFUL BLOGGING! i can hardly believe it! Somerset Studio in jan/feb and now Artful Blogging too! i am in total awe over both of these magazines and drool over every issue! so i cannot even tell you how honored i am by all of this!

and i am so very grateful, grateful for all of your support and encouragement! you’re super sweet comments always keep me going and pushing myself.

THANK YOU all so very much!!!


ps. my BUY ONE GET ONE FREE PRINT SALE is still on until the end of today! stop by my etsy shop + leave the title of your free print in the note to seller at check out! happy holidays! xo.


  1. Wow. Great art and journals to look back on. How fun! Now that's what I call a good paper trail, a blast from the past, a gold mine! Yeah. Feelin' cheesy this morning.
    Congrats on your awesome news. And on your birthday week none-the-less. Very cool!

  2. how fun to look back on your old art from high school…i still have some of mine too. and a big congratulations on being featured in artful blogging!!!!!!! wowsa!

  3. Wow! I love the Somerset publications — such an honor!

  4. Such a fun post. Congratulations on Artful Blogging! Can't wait to see it!

  5. Just popping in to say hi & Congrats on your feature! Hope you have a lovely rest of your week!! ~Theresa

  6. How great that you are able to look back with those journals. And congratulations on the blog feature.

  7. 🙂 yay for you juliette! you inspire me to keep going, keep trying :). so happy to celebrate with you!

  8. congratulations to you on your good news! Well deserved 🙂 What treasures you found when clearing out too . . . love the sketchbook and poem!

    Happy studio time!


  9. A huge congratulations to you!! That is wonderful.

    I love seeing your sketchbooks. I love that even then mixed media was natural to you. What a treasure to still have those.


  10. Congrats on Artful Blogging! That is so fabulous…I can't wait to read it. I always love grabbing a coffee, going to the bookstore, and reading all the mags. I look forward to reading about you in BOTH!

  11. How fun going through all the memories. Inspiration! Congrats on being featured on Artful Blogging. Have a great rest of the week.

  12. That is fabulous news Juliette. So thrilled for you. I love both those publications.

    I have kept journals since I was really young too, and books full of poetry. It's amazing to look back through them.

  13. Aw, I am so nostalgic, too. I love going through old memorabilia boxes!

    Millions of Congratulations on your achievement to be featured in Artful Blogging!!! You can bet that I will be anxiously looking for that issue on the magazine racks in bookstores 🙂 You're very talented – you deserve it.


  14. I don't find those scissors boring at all. I find them very interesting. You can see the talent in them. It is the little burst of colors throughout. They are very beautiful. They come alive.
    Isn't fun to go back and look at were you where in your head in those journals. I find it so much fun.
    Congrats Juliette!!!! You deserve it. You have worked hard!

  15. ah, that feels good to clean out a closet and look thru old meaningful journals! and yes, encouragement is so important isn't it? it really does shape who we allow ourselves to become. glad you had the encouragement along the way b/c i really love your work!

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