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november shop update!

*Shop Update Today at 10:30AM EST*
*All of the new paintings and things are now in the shop!*

i’m so excited to share all of these new paintings with you! i’ll be adding them all to my shop today at 10:30 AM EST. it seems like so long since i’ve posted new artwork. all of these new pieces will be available! along with new prints and lockets too (they’re already over in the shop now)!

Abundance (SOLD). Thank you! Prints available in my etsy shop.
Here With You (SOLD). Prints Available in my etsy shop

i know i said i was going to share my chicago trip with you this week, but there are just so many gorgeous photos, i didn’t want to rush going through them all. i promise to share them with you next week!  

i hope you have a lovely weekend! 
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* thank you to the library as incubator project blog for this wonderful feature…the library was my first showing of these whimsical paintings just about exactly two years ago! kind of amazing how much has grown and evolved from that one show! 


  1. Juliette…these are all so magical. I'm a new admirer of your work. I found you through Julie (On The Short Side) who is taking your “How to Paint an Owl” course.

  2. oh god. the bird.
    the neutral background with the blue bird.


  3. so fun that you've found my blog through julie and the lovely owls she's been creating in class 🙂

    that blue bird is named in peace…it's just how i feel whenever i look at her 🙂

    have a wonderful weekend!
    xo, juliette

  4. These are absolutely lovely! I especially love the owl with the human face! Your color and layering are so richly done!

  5. wow! Hard to pick a favorite out of all these beauties! Gorgeous work! I love how expressive your style is. I was wondering how or where you gets prints done. I'm interested in making some prints of my art but don't even know where to start.


  6. WOW your work is AMAZING!! the owl is just GORGEOUS! Awesome blog too!!{new follower}

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