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New York City

Juliette Crane

In celebration of the launch of my new blog and website, Brian and I took a little trip to New York City.

Travelling is one of the ways I stay inspired. And New York City did not disappoint.

Whenever Brian and I travel, we love to walk around and explore. We prefer not to make any plans.

Part of what I adore about travelling is that it gets me out of my comfort zone, helping me see new things and realigning with spontaneity. There’s nothing better than walking home after a fabulous meal and coming across a quaint little pub with a jazz band playing, then hopping inside for a bit and staying all night, dancing and getting to know new people that in that moment seem to have turned up at the perfect time. And I can’t wait to see where it all leads.

That’s how our entire trip went… full of friendliness, positivity and serendipity. And I always ask for more of that in my life. Here are a few snapshots from New York City…

We found ourselves at the MET, wandering Brooklyn, Central Park and Times Square. And I had tickets to see one of my favorite authors, Neil Gaiman and his wife Amanda Palmer, which was incredibly inspiring.

I was reminded to keep finding inspiration in the little things, knowing the importance of following my own heart and sharing my story.

Juliette Crane


ps. If you are looking for a little extra inspiration, I am honored to share my story over on my friend Danielle Daniel’s blog along with so many other beautiful artists in support of her super inspiring new book, Sometimes I Feel Like A Fox.


  1. So AWESOME you saw Neil Gaiman! Looks like a lovely trip 🙂

  2. My hubby and I LOVED our getaways to NYC! I used to think you needed to make lots of plans when you traveled, but Hubby cured me of all that early on. Now we concentrate on just BEING there. The best thing about going to NY is that my cuz works in theatre. He was a set designer for the Metropolitan Opera the first time we went, and he was prop manager for a broadway musical the second time. Both times we got fabulous behind-the-scenes tours that were the highlight of our trip. Now you’ve got me wanting to go back!

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