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New Painting: STAR CHILD

Juliette Crane

STAR CHILD. Original (SOLD). Prints available in my shop.

This was one of those paintings that took layers and layers to come together.

But with every layer a new piece of the story came together. And that’s really what I love most about painting… seeing a story reveal itself.

For this painting, I used all sorts of supplies from my studio… shiva oil paint sticks, acrylic paints, inks, tissue papers, lokta paper (the peacock feathers) and charcoal. Then I applied a warm hued mod podge and a final coat of wax.

From a far away land, this STAR CHILD flutters into everyone’s life, just when they need it most, to inspire the strength, beauty and longevity of the stars.

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane

ps. If you’d like to paint together, find details on my painting classes here.


  1. So beautiful Juliette! Hugs, and Happy New Year! Sanna.

  2. This work is very sweet and magical. Amazing work.

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