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Juliette Crane

FINDING COURAGE. Original (SOLD). Prints available in my shop.


This was one of the pieces I posted, step by step, as I painted in real time on Instagram.

Instagram is my new favorite way to share my process, so if you’re on Instagram you can follow me here.

To me, it’s so exciting to be able to share my paintings as I paint, so you can see all of the changes I make and know when I get frustrated and what I do to fix it right then and there in the moment.

This piece went through so many color changes and layers… for so long she was a real girl. But once I took a step, I finally accepted that I wasn’t feeling any attachment to her. My heart just didn’t long for the character. So I knew I had to make a change.

And all I could think of was turning this girl into a lion.

I had already added my mod podge top coat before I changed her into a lion.

I had pretty much let the painting go, believing I couldn’t make it any better. But one smudge under her nose really made the lion come out.

And so, I made that beautiful mistake into a real lion’s nose and from there, she finally came to life.

I added more spray paint (florescent red spray paint by Liquitex) and then lots of shiva oil paint sticks in antique white and cobalt blue. These are two of my favorite go-to art supplies. Whenever I am feeling stuck or frustrated, I go back to my favorite colors and supplies and it brings me back into my comfort zone so that I can move forward with a painting, confident I won’t keep messing it up.

Then I feel more free and open to changing my characters and covering up what I don’t like.

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane


ps. If you’re interested in painting together, you can find details on all of my online courses right here. Cheers!


  1. beautiful 😉

  2. You’re such an inspiration, Juliette.
    Watching you paint and get stuck has really changed the way I feel about my own art.
    I find I’m finishing more pieces, and I’m happier with the way they come out, too.
    And it’s only December – where will we all be by the end of Serendipity?!
    Thank you ♥♥♥

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