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NEW Painting: Dreamers Will Save the World

Original Painting Available Here. 11×14″. Canvas Board ($155).
Prints available here

this little bunny and his owl friend have become very dear to my heart. he’s become one of the signature animals for my online course HOW TO CREATE WHIMSICAL ANIMALS (i cannot believe class starts tomorrow)! 

AND this is one of the paintings i’ll be demonstrating during the course from start to finish!

 it’s really an amazing process to watch. the background was one that i wondered just what i was doing and where the painting would go. but i have an affinity for vintage postcards and so, they became the focal part of the background and I’m happy to see them still shining through in the finished piece.

along with lots and lots of other painted and papered layers…

Original Painting Available Here. 11×14″. Canvas Board ($155).
Prints available here

the element i adore most about this painting also gives it its title…DREAMERS WILL SAVE THE WORLD.

now this is a phrase inspired by something i read in a book (i can’t remember which one, but i think it was something by wayne dyer). and i remember reading it up at the cabin when i spent a few days to indulge in painting and writing. the phrase stuck out at me. it resonated with me. so much so that i wrote it down on paper and tried really hard to use it in my painting LADY BIRD.

but it just didn’t work. so i stuck the writing into my paper box and found it again, just in time, when i needed something for this painting. i’d been trying really hard to incorporate my writing directly into my artwork. every time i try, it seems messy or too contrived. and i still don’t feel it “works” in this piece, but it’s a step in the right direction. 

you can still see a sliver of the message, just over the owl’s shoulder…because these two characters are all about dreaming. that’s the only thing they can do. they’re reminiscent of alice and wonderland. a white rabbit and a white owl, here to whisper in your ear that you are on the right track. don’t be afraid to dream. keep going, keep inspiring for DREAMERS WILL SAVE THE WORLD


HOW TO PAINT A GIRL & HOW TO PAINT AN OWL are now available on-demand as self-study courses! Access the classroom until August 2013…so you can paint when you want, any time, right from home!

And if you’d like to see DREAMERS WILL SAVE THE WORLD from start to finish and paint lots of whimsical animals of your own, find all of the details and register for HOW TO CREATE WHIMSICAL ANIMALS here.


  1. This is beautiful! I love the bubbles above the bunny's head. It reminds me of cartoons that depict someone imagining something. He's obviously dreaming something up. So excited for this class!

  2. Such a sweet painting…one of my favorites!! Love all the colors and sweet little bits you included. Can't wait for class to start!! 🙂

  3. Love the Painting! Juliette, I too have the 4 in 1 rolling cart by Stanley. I totally love it!
    I just saw it on sale at Home Depot for $79.99 in the store. Just thought I would pass it on.

  4. the title is perfect! dreamers WILL save the world, we are the ones that continually hand down the torch and keep the good story alive of love and hope. even though i'm not sure i've read that specific quote (though does sound like something dyer would say, doesn't it?) i've come to similar conclusion based on some of my favorite all-time, similar quotes including lennon's “you may say i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one.” i've been using that as an online “descriptor” for myself for a dozen years and only this year have i come to understand that there's much responsibility in “keeping the dream alive” (ha!) and that i've found my tribe amongst the online artists i've become friends with. anyhow, thanks for sharing such honesty about where you're feeling stuck and what's working for you – your end result is always fantastic but it's amazing the journey each piece takes us on, complete with struggles and successes 🙂

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