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New Owl Paintings & How To Be Happy With Your Artwork

Whenever I get stuck, I go back to painting owls.

Sometimes I start to feel like I am just painting the same owls that I did before. It feels like I am not trying anything new.

But this is part of my creative process.

If I feel like painting owls or painting something I know I will be happy with, I have to do it.

Going back to painting what I know I like helps me to develop my style and be happy with the creative process.

And I have to get back to enjoying myself before I can even think of painting something new.

So while I may start painting owls the same way that I did before, little by little, my confidence grows and I try new techniques and art supplies.

After a few paintings, I move on from painting owls and am ready to paint something I was way to intimidated to try painting before.

When my confidence grows, it makes me happy. And when I am enjoying the process, I am happy with my artwork.

I’d love to know what you do to be enjoy your creative process. Are there any tricks that have worked for you? The new year always gets me thinking about new things to try and ways to better my process.

Happy new year!

Juliette Crane

Ps. If you’re looking to paint something you know you’ll love, I created my How To Paint An Owl 1 & 2 online classes to help you feel the same joy that I do whenever I paint owls (and I make it easy for you too, so you’ll like what you paint and enjoy the process).

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  1. Juliette,

    I just wanted you to know that I have really enjoyed following you on IG and through your newsletter. I especially liked this post, which motivated me to tell you what I have been thinking. I originally found you through Kelly Rae Roberts, who said you were one of her original inspirations. I can see why.

    I related to this post because it is so real, and what most of us experience during the creative process. Its what most people don’t realize about artists, who aren’t artists (at least they don’t think they are). They thinks its all bliss and fun. And although it IS fun, it is also a struggle at times, and full of doubt and fear to move forward. I love the idea of starting where you are comfortable, start somewhere, and then allow that energy of what is easy to propel you into new creative possibilities.

    I will remember this advice when I need to push through “the I don’t knows”, and into “I’m so excited I can’t stand myself”! Thanks for sharing your authentic experience of an artist journeying through this world.


    • that is so nice to hear, catherine. thanks for sharing. i’m glad this post resonated with you and i hope it continues to inspire you as you create. one of the biggest things i share in my class videos is not just how to paint and what to paint, but exactly what i am feeling as i paint. and then how i coach myself through it, whether it’s getting through a mistake like splattering paint all over a face or just hating everything about a piece and being in that ugly stage.

      thanks so much for appreciating it all… happy painting 🙂

  2. I just found out about you today. Love your work! And, am looking forward to your newsletters! Enjoy your artsy life!!

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