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NEW Owl Painting & A Happy New Year!

SHINE BRIGHTER, STILL. 11 x 14″ on Canvas Board. Original available here.
Prints available in my etsy shop.

when i started experimenting with new styles and whimsical characters these last few weeks, i found a lot of inspiration on pinterest

pinterest can be rather addicting and i always find it helps me to realize just what i am most attracted to and wanting to create myself. as i browse photos, a definite theme usually develops. maybe one day i’m into bright turquoise and hot pink and on another i’m loving black and white.

well, recently i found myself resonating with snow owls, feathers, dream catchers and minimal colors. 

i clipped out a photo of a snowy owl and used that as the inspiration for this painting.

SHINE BRIGHTER, STILL. 11 x 14″ on Canvas Board. Original available here.
Prints available in my etsy shop.

this was only the second time i’ve ever worked from a photo.

the first was for mindy lacefield’s paint your story course where we used a tim burton image as inspiration. 

from that, i came up with my first snooter painting, which was a pretty big breakthrough for me as i realized that i’d painted a character from the novel i’d written a few years ago.

i quite like painting from a photo. it gives me a bit of added inspiration and direction. and that snow white owl also inspired the story for this piece…

this white owl stands strong beneath the evening sky, knowing that she is just as the stars and that through it all her call is to SHINE BRIGHTER, STILL. 


happy, happy new year! 

i hope you’ve been having a lovely holiday! i can’t even tell you how very grateful i am for all of your support and kindness. i wish you the most magical and blissful new year!

ps. on friday, i’ll post a little 2012 recap. happy new year!


  1. Happy new year lovely one xxx

  2. may your '13 be rich in colours, magical adventures and sparkling energy and connection. Inspiring owl angels. Thanks for sharing. *

  3. Your owl really resonates with me – love the colors and the soft edges! Happy New Year

  4. The OWL is so Cute!
    I LOVE the Blues..I am wearing this color today!
    I am inspired to paint with this clear blue color!
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Please check out my ART BLOG..
    Happy 2013!!!

  5. I love snowy white owls. It's from my love of the Harry Potter novels. Hedwig rules! Happy New Year to you dear friend. I hope all your goals and dreams come true for the new year. Your art is already blowing me away!

  6. She is beautiful Juliette. Happy new year!

  7. Have you thought of putting together an owl calendar? Your art is amazing and you certainly have an outstanding collection to consider!

  8. stunning beauty! i am love with this one! happy new years!

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