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NEW mixed media painting: Take Risks + Grow

TAKE RISKS + GROW. 5×5″ on wood.
Prints + Original available in my etsy shop.

this fox is definitely my favorite. it is really both in and of this world. 

this fox is a little bit country, a little bit urban, a little bit here and there, a little bit one with everything. it seeks balance in all things, knowing that the only way to move forward is to TAKE RISKS AND GROW.  

TAKE RISKS + GROW. 5×5″ on wood. 

TAKE RISKS + GROW. 5×5″ on wood. Prints + Original available in my etsy shop. 

there’s something very mindful and calming about cutting strips of beautiful paper. i just adore the way the paper looks in layers and then the ways it merges and stands up from acrylic paint and ink. this fox was a lesson in not having to be too exact and letting my characters emerge from the canvas. 

my characters are never pre-planned and i always find them within my backgrounds. yet with a completely new character like my fox, it was hard to deviate from what a traditional fox might look like and then to paint it in my own style. but staying true to the colors and patterns i love and having fun with the process, made this painting come to life.

i’ll be adding all of my new fox paintings to my shop tomorrow: Friday, March 16 at 1030 am EST. sign up for my newsletter for a reminder and shop coupon.


ps. this week is all about foxes. my weekly things that are inspiring me post will return next week. 


  1. Loving this little fox!

  2. I absolutely ADORE these little creations. What stunning color and beautiful mood of both! Charming!!

  3. thank you! enjoy the weekend (and this amazing spring weather!)…xo, juliette

  4. Love this fox Juliette! I had a couple of foxes pop out of one of my Bloom True paintings, first time for fox images for me. Must be something in the air 🙂

  5. I love this direction Juliette. So nice to see you listening to your heart and following it. Always following your creative journey and cheering you on.
    Much LOVE, d. xo

  6. I am loving your foxes! SO adorable & the background looks so cool. I just sat and looked at it for the longest time. Lol. LOVE it! 🙂

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