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NEW Mixed Media Painting: Dream Projector

TITLE: Dream Projector
Original (SOLD). Prints available in my etsy shop

I knew exactly when this painting was finished. But I had no idea what it was really about until I took a step back.

When I really took a good look at her, I knew she was not only one of the SNOOTER characters from my novel, but that she was the DREAM PROJECTOR. And that’s a very special element in my novel, yet I had no intention of it being a character until I saw this painting.

The Dream Projector is just what it sounds like…something that projects your dreams into physical form. I’ve always wanted to record my dreams and watch them once I awoke. But this character focuses more on those dreams that might be hiding in your gut. The ones you’re too afraid to even acknowledge because they mean so much to your heart.

But of course I wasn’t thinking about any of that when I started this piece…

I knew I wanted to paint an imaginary creature. And so this winged Snooter character came out of the canvas.

I intended the painting to be like a rainbow and used lots of layers of bleeding art tissue paper on the bottom. I also found some half-finished paintings that I’d done in Jesse Reno’s class at an artful journey in Feb 2011. My heart just wasn’t into them any more, but I loved the layers of textures, patterns and colors. 

So I ripped up the paintings and used the pieces as collage elements for the character’s wings and the floating orb, which became the dream.

From there, I wanted something from the external world to be reflected in my character. 

I’ve been inspired by feathers ad tree branches and in keeping with the idea that this was to be an imaginary creature and could therefore be anything with no right or wrong, I gave this character a funny little half-ear, half-feather object on top of her head and filled it with a branch design.

Then I mirrored that inked design on the orb too.

For the entire painting I used all sorts of supplies from my studio… acrylic paints, inks, bleeding art tissue paper, painted pages, water soluble oil pastels and pencil.

TITLE: Dream Projector
Original (SOLD). Prints available in my etsy shop

Then once I applied my vintage decoupage top coat, all of the colors and layers really popped!

This magical SNOOTER comes from a far away land to show you all of the dreams you’ve been holding close to your heart, but not acting upon, knowing the importance of setting your intentions in words so that all of your dreams can come true just as they do in her DREAM PROJECTOR.


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  1. the Dream Projector rocks!! the heart on the ear captured my heart. thanks. *

  2. thanks, dana! she's definitely a special piece 🙂

  3. thank you!!!

    have a lovely weekend!


  4. How fun! Love the whole concept! And your little snooter is adorable. I'd trust her with my dreams. 😉

  5. I love her, Juliette! It's fun to hear the story, and, also, hear how you created her. I just ordered some of the bleeding art tissue paper…excited to see what it does.

  6. I love the colors on it Juliette.

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