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New Fox Paintings – One Thing Leads to the Next

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents” -Bob Ross


Lately I’ve been mesmerized by the ways one thing leads me to the next.

Whenever I am open to synchronicity, it happens all that much more in my life. And I see it all of the time in my artwork too.

The more I paint and remain open to wherever my creativity leads me, the more things fall into place, like magic.

It started with these new fox paintings (which I’ll be sharing in video from start to finish in my mixed media workshop BLISS).

When I painted my first fox girl, I didn’t have the video camera on. I was painting outside on one of those beautiful sunny days. But I loved her so much, I thought I’d try another fox girl and video record the process.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know I rarely paint the same character twice. I more so get inspired by certain techniques or features I’ve used in a previous painting and use those to create a new character.

So painting another fox girl felt a little weird. And, of course, I was trying so hard to repeat what I’d done the first time, that my fox turned into something completely different.

It took a few paintings before a new fox came out of the paint and layers. And, to me, it was a boy fox.

When I saw this guy, I wanted to add more paint and cover him up. But I’ve been reminding myself it’s okay for things to feel easy, and so I let it be.

I just loved how he evolved from that first painting, but I still wanted to paint another fox girl.

I tried again and again. Finally, this new fox came out.

And because I already felt comfortable with the character and knew how her eyes and ears and hair would work, I was able to push out of my comfort zone and try new techniques… like adding antique white oil sticks to the background and then writing poetry into it with a bamboo writing stick.

I adored this new fox girl painting so much (maybe even more than the first), that I made her into a digital collage.

For my digital collages, I use the iphone superimpose and pixlromatic apps. I can never decide on just one filter… so here are a few of my favorite versions.

You never know where something might lead!

Have an incredible weekend!

Juliette Crane


Ps. I’m including both the new fox girl and fox boy videos in my upcoming online workshop Bliss, so you can see them with all of their beautiful mistakes, from start to finish.

Bliss class begins April 21. Sign up here.

Pps. I will have these original paintings and prints along with all of my other recent originals available in my shop in May.

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  1. Love this “foxy” character! The red hair, the demure looking eyes – I think this is exactly what Jimmy Hendrix was signing about! lol Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Oh my my ! I love your Fox Paintings .. Super excited to see more in Bliss !! Thanks for sharing 😉

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