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new exhibition + something to celebrate!

670 N Midvale Blvd, Madison WI
November 12-December 31
29 paintings went up last week for my latest solo exhibition at the hilldale pasquels (madison wi). and they’ll be up thru the end of december! i hope some of you get to stop by and see them all!
this exhibition marks the start to a celebration! one year ago today, i had my first art opening with these new whimsical paintings (an event that totally boosted my confidence ten-fold and made me bold enough to start selling my paintings and prints in my etsy shop)!!!
the walls at pasquels are just full of color, which made the perfect compliment to my paintings. it really makes me happy to see all of that brilliant color!
and it’s even more meaningful because one of the things that got me out of hanging my paintings when i was in college was a simple comment that a curator made about the wall color. as you know, i love color! so of course, it makes sense that i would choose to hang a painting on a wall with a complimentary color. that matters to me. and i feel that really putting in some kind of intention and thought into where and how your artwork hangs, really makes that energy come across when people view your work!
but, in college i didn’t have my roots yet. so when the art curator said with his nose so high in the air that i “should never hang a painting to match the wall color,” i thought i’d had enough of that art world. and really, that was the last straw that made me leave that world and painting for more than ten years!
can you believe it? 
until finally last year i picked up painting again!
and i’m super happy to say that one year ago i had my first art opening with this new work!!! and wow! how so much can happen in just one year! 
i’m busy putting the finishing touches on my How To Paint an Owl workshop and will share more details here with you soon! There’s space for six people, so if you’re in Madison and think you’re interested in attending the workshop on Saturday, December 18th, send me an email at juliette (at) juliettecrane (dot) com to reserve your space!
I am so blown away by all of your kindness and incredible support with this new show and my upcoming workshop! THANK YOU so much! I am so grateful, grateful, grateful, for it all!!!
ps. if you want to see just how far this little blog has come since it started January 28, check out my old blog Green Apples and Gardenias. before i started back into painting, it was my blog for writing my novel (so, very different). here’s my thank you post after my first art opening a year ago!!!
pps. super excited my feature in CURB magazine comes out on Monday! i can’t wait to share the link with you!!!


  1. Congrats! I'm so happy you are finding such great success with your art! You deserve it!

  2. Happy “anniversary”! It's so great to see how your art has grown over the year.

  3. Congrats! That's amazing!

    I'm just beginning to learn & discover art, but I'm hoping that one day my artwork will also be in a gallery, and then I'll be bragging about it on my blog too. One dayyyy.. 🙂

    I like how your style is slightly evolving. Really cool.


  4. I remember your old blog… and your novel, too! Truly, what a difference a year can make and it has been so wonderful to see your artistic self flourish.


  5. congrats to you on ur 1st anniversary. You're such an inspiration!!

  6. it seems like all this (and more) has simply been waiting for you! dream on..

  7. lovely post! 🙂 keep going, you're on all roll! and i do believe that art-related-injury side railed you for more than ten years…it's similar to my vacation from art too…julia cameron is right when she says we need to mourn our hurts and that our artist is like a child. the main thing is you started painting again, so hip, hip, hooray!!!

  8. What a jerk – why shouldn't you get a colored backdrop for your paintings? The color of a room can make or break a painting and well, white can get kind of boring. This exhibit looks so lively and exciting because of the bright colors! <3 I love them. Congratulations!

  9. Congratulations! Looking forward to your interview with beth!

  10. Wow! thats so awesome Juliette ! Congrats on a great year! : P

  11. Congratulations!! Such a time to celebrate for sure. Here's to another wonderful year as well!!

  12. Your art looks great…the colored walls compliment your art. When I need a dose of motivation and inspiration all I need to do is visit you. 🙂

  13. Congratulations Juliette! They look awesome!

  14. Congratulations Miss Juliette Crane! Your art is so unique and totally deserves to be in a gallery. Your paintings do look so perfect on these colorful walls. Celebrate your talents my dear…

  15. Congrats on your show! I think you were right, the paintings look great on these vibrant color walls. It is a shame what can drive us away from art, but it make it so much more meaningful when you come back.

  16. congrats dear! your darlings look so beautiful against these walls/honored! love it all! xox

  17. Yipeee and hooooray!! A HUGE Congrats!!! I'm so happy you for you!! And your display looks truely awesome…i wish i could have visited you there. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you sweet friend!

  18. Hi Juliette. I just wanted to a moment to say WOW and Thank You! You really inspired me so much when I listened to your podcast and reading this post. It is so great to know you started with a show at your local library. This has been on my mind for a LONG time but frankly has been daunting to me. You have come so far so fast. Congratulations! And I read you are taking a class soon with Jesse Reno… I recently discovered him and I really like his view and passion about art! Have fun! Your current show looks great! I wish I could see it in person!

  19. So nice to meet you on facebook!
    I love your art work and have spent my thanksgiving morning curled up with my coffee reading your writings!!

    I found myself saying: ,,, oh yes! … thats true…yep, I agree .. so many times that my hubby finally asked what in the world are you reading? LOL

    I will subscribe and be a new follower for sure …
    Have a great weekend!

    ~vanessa Johanning

  20. I love seeing them hanging there. You must be so proud.

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