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New Coloring Book :: Coming Soon

Whenever I create, it makes me happy. So I try and create everyday.

Sometimes it feels like too much to get out all of my painting supplies, but it is always easy to create something in my sketchbook.

It helps to just draw in my sketchbook with a water-soluble pencil (I love using a black, Stabilo Marks All Coloring Pencil). For me, a drawing never quite feels like enough. But when I add a little water with a thin brush to blend out the lines and add shading, then I feel like I’ve created a finished piece.

I’ve been having so much fun creating these Wild and Free girls in my sketchbook… I thought I’d make them into a coloring book for you!

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In the meantime, if you feel like getting creative now, you can find all of my current coloring books and other inspirational books here. They’re the perfect thing for kids of all ages.

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane

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