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New Art from the How To Paint A Girl Gallery

TITLE: Willow. Prints available in my art shop.

i’m always so inspired to see the AMAZING artwork that gets created during my painting workshops! 

each piece is so unique to the artist and tells its own story. that’s one thing i absolutely adore about the creative process… how everyone can start with the same element and create something completely new and different!
in my HOW TO PAINT A GIRL e-course, we paint three different styles of girls. here are a few paintings from the gallery of the last HTPAG e-course

by cathy mckean

by cathy mckean

by cathy mckean

by debra benedict

by debra benedict

by debra benedict

by julie brastad

by julie brastad

by julie brastad

by kim smith

by kim smith

by lori lohmeyer

by lori lohmeyer

by maryann mckeating

by maryann mckeating

by sally lentz

by sally lentz

looking at all of these just makes my heart flip with butterflies! i just can’t get over how each girl has so much character and her own personality!

thank you to everyone in all of my classes for sharing your lovely work! it’s been so fun to see it all evolve!

have a beautiful weekend!


ps. if you’re interested in painting a few girls of your own…i’ll be painting more with everyone in the upcoming session of HOW TO PAINT A GIRL beginning May 25! 

there’s also a session of HOW TO PAINT AN OWL coming up in July! 

i can’t wait to paint with everyone!


  1. Wow, awesome work! It's amazing to see how each artist is developing her own style!

  2. It was a wonderful class Juliette…I learned so much and had a great time, thank you! xo

  3. Nice work, beautiful girls. Im going to take your class one day 🙂

  4. All are so pretty and artsie! Sanna

  5. it was lovely to have you in class! i'm just delighted by all of the paintings you've created! have a wonderful weekend! xo

  6. i'd love to paint together some day! have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I have truly and deeply enjoyed taking your classes. I never knew I wanted to paint, until I took How to Paint a Girl and How to Paint an Owl. Thank you, Juliette. You are a treasure.

  8. WOW….you have totally talented students !!

    and that first painting by you….fantastic !!

  9. that is so sweet of you to say. thank you!

  10. thank you! i love seeing everyone's artwork! and it's fun to look back at my own paintings and see how they've all evolved too. keeps me wondering just where they'll go to next 🙂

  11. Wow, these are all beautiful! Terrific work:) I love all the faces here. Great job, teacher:)

  12. these are all quite lovely! I am just now going through all the cards I received at art fest and checking out peoples blogs etc. thanks for sharing! Pam

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