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necklaces are back!

 TITLE: COURAGE SQUARE BRASS PENDENT. Available in my etsy shop.
last weekend i got inspired to create these necklaces!

my painting COURAGE the lion has always been a favorite, meant to inspire courage and strength in whoever wears it! 

 TITLE: ME & MY MONSTER SQUARE BRASS PENDENT. Available in my etsy shop.
each necklace is made from a high quality print that i’ve adhered to these 1″ x 1″ vintage brass pendents. then i coat each one with resin to protect the print from the elements and make the colors really pop!
 TITLE: MUSIC MAKER BRASS CIRCLE PENDENT. Available in my etsy shop.
for this one, i pulled out all of my collage papers and added some lovely gold origami paper (from my Great Aunt June’s collection) to really highlight that bottom edge, and then cut a few musical notes from vintage sheet music and adhered those in the sky!
TITLE: MUSIC MAKER ON TAGUA NUT. Available in my etsy shop.
i added this sweetie to the shop too! she’s an original collage on a tagua nut. i had a hard time giving her up and have been wearing her to all of my art openings, but it’s time for her to go home with someone new!
i’ve added lots of copper glitter to the ground she’s walking on along with song bubbles in the sky cut from vintage sheet music! whoever wears her is sure to be inspired to sing their own song!
i also just found these adorable little journals! i cannot wait to make them into pocket art journals, featuring some of my owls on the covers! just perfect for creating on the go!


ps. i’ve been getting my website ready for my next BIG MOVE…LICENSING! and i just updated my portfolio, so now there’s room for my animals AND girls! if you’re so inclined, i’d love to know what you think. please tell me if anything shows up a bit wonky. you can check it out here!  

pps. the lovely Mirlette of Mexican Colors posted an interview with me on her blog today! you can read it right here!


  1. Juliette~ How much would you charge to do a blank journal with some sort of girl on the front that looks like me (long hair) :)with dragonfly wings?
    Love the website!! It looks fantastic!
    I love all of your work!

  2. Hi Juliette!

    Love the pendents! And the website looks great! 🙂

  3. So gorgeous. I really like courage – this is one of my faves too. 🙂 and the round necklaces really add a super mix it up feel to your wonderful collection. I'm in a journal mode myself at the moment. Almost feathering my nest…getting ready to move apartment and also for 2011! LOVE this time of year. So excited to follow your next part of the journey in licensing – woohoo! xxxxx

  4. thanks for asking, tiffany. i'll send you an email 🙂

  5. Wonderful! I really love the last necklace.

  6. Congratulations on your new move to a new website.

    I checked it out and it looks great! I saw that you will be going to Artful Journey and taking a class with Jesse Reno.

    I took a class with him at ArtFest last year and it was a great experience. He was so open with us about his life and experiences and also his techniques. Soak him up, he is an experience in himself.

  7. Fantastic news on the licensing!! I love that little Music Maker and would have a hard time giving her up too! Love those little journals and can't wait to see what you do with them.

    Happy Halloween!

    p.s. come by my blog to see a scary site!

  8. what cute little necklaces!! great gifts for the holidays! i know they'll sell out fast!

  9. congratulations, they look wonderful.
    working on websites and shops takes a lot of energy, wishing you the best each step of the way!

  10. They are beautiful! I've always loved big cats, so the lion really speaks to me. I love his face and the stylized way his mane is drawn.

  11. you are one busy and productive girl!! awesome!

  12. wow you are one busy woman !
    love the pendants !!!
    and now the licensing…..WOW !!!

  13. Your necklaces are lovely! I wish you all the best as you continue your creative venture. Cheering you on every step of the way. The website looks fantastic! Keep flying!!!

  14. I like the look of the pendants and wish you well with the licensing…you are beginning to soar my friend. 🙂

  15. I love your necklaces, Juliette! They're beautiful.

  16. Those are lovely, Ms. Juliette. I'm finding ideas for a gift for my girlfriend on her birthday, and I think I'm gonna make her a necklace pendant out of brass sheet. Suppliers who are friends with my dad are gonna help me with it. Do you think a picture of her would be a great design? Thanks!

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