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NATURAL BEAUTY: Sunsets, Clouds & Flowers

since i’ve been painting at the beach these last few weeks, i can’t get over seeing flowers in bloom and admiring every sunset. 

so i thought i’d share a bit of the beauty here with you too.

i hope it adds a little color and light to your part of the world!

have a wonderful week!

ps. i’m so excited to be teaching at Lucky Star in Hunt Texas… October 9-13, 2013! 

and definitely sign up for the Lucky Star newsletter as there will be a giveaway for one spot at the retreat to a lucky winner on their mailing list!


  1. Your sky photos are awesome!

  2. thanks! the colors and textures have been AMAZING!

  3. Precious. more than light and color … feel inspired with these beautiful images.

  4. actually, yes, it does add some color to my life! 🙂 We're covered in snow here. I won't be seeing flowers for a few months yet…so it's nice to get a little taste of them! 🙂

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