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Mystic – A New Mixed Media Painting

Mystic. 11 x 14″ on canvas. (SOLD). See More Original Paintings Here.


I almost painted over this piece.

I just couldn’t get rid of that circle on her face, so I thought I’d cover it all with papers and start again. But I stopped myself.

I looked into her eyes and she hit my heart. I was reminded to let my imperfections be revealed.

As a result of me trying to get rid of the circle and hide all of the layers underneath, this piece has a ton of texture.

I added layers of bleeding art tissue papers, lokta papers, gift wrap. and origami papers. Then, when I didn’t like the colors, I added acrylic paints and inks on top of all of those layers.

Now I love seeing all of the fingerprints left behind. I can see this woman’s story…

She is very much about allowing your flaws to be and shine, knowing that what we often see as weaknesses are really divine strengths and gifts.

I hope you have a magical weekend. Happy painting!

Juliette Crane

Ps. If you’ve been looking to develop your own style and play with paint, register for my online art classes here.

Faces – Mixed Media Portraits is perfect if you’re looking to find your own voice and experiment with lots of techniques and styles for painting faces.


  1. I’m so glad you didn’t go over that one.
    It’s perfectly imperfectly gorgeous just the way it is with that circle in her face

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