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my funky panda

TITLE: funky panda. prints available in my etsy shop.
remember last week when i showed you my in-progress birdie painting? well, this funky panda started out as that same bird. i was in this rhythm of being inspired by sparrows and their lightness. the way they always seem to be playing around together in my backyard.
and somehow the birdie got these bear ears and i knew i needed it to be a panda. at first, most of his face was black, but something didn’t seem right. as i played with the background, adding more texture and color (going for that asymmetrical background look i told you about), i painted in the black around his eyes. it took at least three tries to get them right. and each time, as i let the paint dry, i added more detail with oil pastels to the background.
then finally, i went ahead and painted his entire head white and walked away. when i came back to the painting, i took a different approach and worked in  a lot of pastel to give him a softer look. in the meantime, my blue in pen exploded all over the place, so i went ahead and painted his green eyes, then mirrored the color in the ruffle around his neck and in a few dots throughout the background.
to finish off my funky panda, i figured he needed a bit of silver glitter. at first i thought he was about trust and being pensive about finding out what lies ahead. but now, i think he’s really just all about playing, having fun in our lives and being a bit of a FUNKY PANDA!

I’m super excited about some new goal-reaching NEWS I can’t wait to share with you later this week! And to celebrate, I’m having a little GIVEAWAY for a print of your choice! I was fortunate enough to connect with the lovely Jenny Meyers who is featuring my artwork on her blog The Swede Records! Head over there to enter right here!


  1. he's a sweet little panda….we love them in my house! love the green eyes! xxooo

  2. Love this cute panda! And I headed over to Jenny's blog and entered the giveaway! 🙂

  3. Serious?! He turned out darling!

  4. thank you! yes, do enter the giveaway too!

    xoxo, juliette

  5. Oh I love this panda! It is so great that you include your process for us. I enjoy hearing how these begin.

  6. That is a darling panda that decided to come out and play.

  7. love this! he's perfect!

  8. this panda looks as busy as the owls!

  9. I just LOOOOOOVE your funky panda! Definitely the funkiest panda around :)x

  10. LOVE the panda. Can't wait to here your good news. I love when goal/dreams come true!

  11. Loving your panda! 🙂 He is so cute! Cannot wait for your news!

  12. Too, too cute! It's so interesting how creativity is constantly changing…first a bird, now a funky panda. Love it! 🙂

  13. he'a adorable…love the story of his transformation…very cute.

  14. i love your funky panda!!
    i wonder if your panda would
    dance with me?!! xo

  15. I love this funky Panda! Very cute!

  16. darling, just like you! xo

  17. I love this! Your artwork is amazing…I'm a new follower + have your button on my page:)

  18. Everyone needs a funky panda in their life!

  19. I love the funky panda! He is amazing. I love the brush strokes here. His face is fabulous. <3

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