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Mother’s Day SALE & Bliss – Mixed Media On The Go

It has been so incredible to see all of the artwork and positive community emerging in my Wild And Free Painting class. If you’d like to join us, Wild And Free Painting is now available as an instant access class.

To celebrate YOU continuing to be creative and inspired, I’m offering a sale on my popular Bliss – Mixed Media On The Go online workshop.

Enjoy my Bliss online class for $99… even with a 3 Month Payment Plan (reg $149).

Use code: BLISS at checkout here.

This is the perfect class for those looking to explore a lot of mixed media techniques and develop your own style in painting backgrounds and portraits. There’s also 2 year access to the classroom, so even if you don’t have a chance to get to it now, there’s always plenty of time.

Here’s a video sneak peek at one of my favorite art journaling projects in the Bliss – Mixed Media On The Go online class…


In Bliss- Mixed Media On The Go, I share many different mixed media portraits and techniques that you can do anywhere to help you loosen up in our artwork and strengthen your own style. I’ll also take you with me on-location in videos and photos, so you can keep finding your own inspirations and developing your own artistic voice.

That means we’ll draw and paint whimsical animals, playful portraits, art journal pages, lusciously layered backgrounds and more! And, with each project, I talk you through my painting process, telling you when I get frustrated with my art or when I reach an ugly stage and how I work through it, so you can overcome your own creative blocks.

My hope for you in this course is that these paintings and inspirations give you many places to easily and quickly begin, so you can rekindle your creative spark, enjoy the painting process and create in a style that is unique to YOU.

Here’s a little of what students are saying…

“I can’t explain how doing this morning exercise helps to start the day in a positive way. You kind of get sucked into this peaceful place and your mind stops thinking life – and relaxes! Thanks Juliette Crane for giving me BLISS !!!!” -Dana Strickland

“Sometimes I get stuck and often I wonder how I can be sure to paint something really ugly and awkward. But that’s something I’ve learned from Juliette: to let go, LET IT BE, to relax and to be patient.” – Anja Nowack

“I learn best when I see you paint while you give information as to why your painting is working or is in need of correction. The way you work through your corrections gives me insight into my own issues and encourages me to keep going. Your videos are fun, light, colorful and always a pleasure to watch. Because of you, I enjoy painting and will try anything.” – Peggy Mcdevitt

“Starting was a big milestone for me but once I did it became my saviour! I’d say that if anyone out there is looking for an online class that gets you just ‘doing’ instead of ‘thinking’ this is the one for you. At last I’ve found the style of art that I absolutely love and even though I can’t draw for peanuts I’ve been happy with the pieces that I’ve created – thanks to the amazing guidance of Juliette who has the most lovely teaching style.” – Stephanie Banks

“I had a fear of faces and now I can’t stop painting them.” – Jill DiMassimo

“I am 64 and have always wanted to draw and paint. You show us all of the phases of the piece – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the finished wonderful face. Then we see the finished piece. Now when I struggle to get to the end of the process, I know that it’s okay to take a while to get there.” – Louise “Beth” Rudolph

Enjoy a lovely weekend!

Juliette Crane

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