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making time for the little things…

sometimes it’s hard to meet up with good friends. but i’ve learned if i don’t make plans, time goes by and only later do i realize we haven’t seen our closest friends and family in far too long! 

i’ve been meeting one of my dearest girlfriends once a month for years…we drive halfway between our houses and have dinner together. it’s lovely! and we finally had the chance to make it happen with our husbands for a picnic and hike at a state park (halfway in between)!

we found this star wars character in the grass and propped him up on the picnic table… he was gone by the time we got back.

i should have taken photos of all of the food too…but it was gone before the thought crossed my mind. too good… mozzarella, basil and tomato sandwiches, cheese and crackers, watermelon, and lettuce wraps! not to mention, cannoli  for dessert!

ps. i’m so excited to see all of the gorgeous owls you create in the How To Paint An Owl: e-course Autumn 2011click here for details and to register now! 


pps. I’m so honored to be collaborating with tam of willowing as one of the teachers in the Life Book e-course, a whole year of inspirational art making! Enter to win a spot in the workshop right here!


  1. Oh Juliette, your photos are breath taking. What a glorious part of this planet you live in.
    Dont overlook the small things in life, they usually bring the most joy…Oh my how deep am I this morning…ha,ha,ha, love&light Debi

  2. It was wonderful meeting with you and Brian at the park! I am missing our monthly dinner in September, but it will be extra good in October with so much to catch up on… See you soon.

  3. Sounds like the most splendid day!
    Wish you could pack all my future picnics…that menu sounds scrumptious!!!

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