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Let The Moon Guide You: A New Painting

Juliette Crane

LET THE MOON GUIDE YOU. 11×14″ on canvas panel.
Original Available here. Prints can be found in my shop.


This is the December project for my online course SERENDIPITY- A Year In Mixed Media.

Sometimes when I paint, I come to the canvas with an idea of what I would like to create. And usually, that idea is just a starting place.

If I “try” and paint something it never has the same life as when I let the characters and scene emerge from the paint.

But every idea is always a place to begin and leads me to where a painting needs to be.

For this painting, I started out trying to create one of my Snooters.

I had in mind that I’d been creating the same whimsical animal or girl characters and I wanted to go back to my long-nosed Snooters. That took me into an uncomfortable painting place, and before I found my way back to these new characters at sea, the main character evolved from a Snooter into an owl.

Through all of the evolutions and layers, the part of the painting I had all along was the moon. And that’s how this piece got it’s story…

Through all of the mountains you may climb and all of the forests you find your way through, these characters are here as a reminder to stay strong and have faith, knowing that it is the journey that will take you to places you never dreamed of… just LET THE MOON GUIDE YOU.

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