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Digital Collages – New & Old

I have been having so much fun creating these digital collages with the iphone app Superimpose (something the lovely Misty Mawn turned me on to in her amazing Full Circle class).

This is an example of a collage I created using the girl from my original mixed media painting SENDING STRENGTH.

There are probably twenty layers in this version. And I love that the possibilities are endless… I can always add more and work with some of my favorite characters and layers from past paintings.

This process has seriously reopened up a world for me.

I used to do photo collages in collage when I first learned photoshop. Here are a few of my first pieces…

That first one with the reaching ladies and colorful flowers is my favorite.

I made it into postcards that I sent out as thank yous after my first job interviews when I graduated from college.

After I’d gotten my first job as an editorial assistant at a Minneapolis newspaper, I walked into my editor’s office one day and she had that postcard pinned to her bulletin board.

It was a really small bulletin board in a corner filled with only a few things. I felt pretty honored.

Looking back at it all sort of reminds me how things all come full circle and that I am just where I need to be.

Here are a few more digital collages that I’ve been making lately…

I’m always posting these digital collages and lots of photos to my instagram too. They’re the perfect thing for me to create in the evenings or at a coffee shop.

The beautiful mistakes are endless!

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane


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