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Last Weekend

Last weekend was all about building a super great fort for my nephew’s fourth birthday. He was SO excited!
We started out with tons of random pieces,

and built this awesome fort complete with three levels, a climbing wall, and a built-in picnic table!
On our breaks, we got out the Play-doh and my nephew helped me create this,

we tried not to disturb this sparrow’s nest inside the cute house he built,

and at the end of the day, Brian and I thought we might just need a tree fort for our own backyard.


  1. Have a happy Memorial Day weekend and enjoy your Fort 😉

  2. so fun!!

    love all the photos!!

    happy weekend to you…looks like you will have lots of fun in your backyard!!!


  3. Just now catching up… Great fort! I lived in a treehouse for a few years… Loved it! Love your note cards too! Have a great weekend!

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