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keep calm

Keep Calm. Prints available in my etsy shop.
lately i’ve been feeling like there is just so much i want to do! 
with springtime here, i’m so excited to get into the garden and plant! i just booked my flight to england for the do what you love retreat! and i’m off and running with my e-course
with so many good things going on, sometimes i have to tell myself to take a step back and breathe.
Keep Calm. Prints available in my etsy shop.
for this painting, i was in love with the background. i don’t often keep my stenciled images showing front and center like this, but there was something so peaceful about that bird, i almost wanted it to be the main attraction. 
i pasted in all sorts of words and notes from sheet music. then i added layers of acrylic paint, ink, origami paper, charcoal and pastel for a mixed media effect full of lots and lots of layers!
to me, this owl is really a reflection of the bird. like a cloud in the sky, it’s their to remind him to always KEEP CALM. 


  1. Gorgeous owl. She does looks calm. 🙂

  2. A good piecee of advice for me today because it's my first day at work and I was shaking like a leaf this morning! That's a really beautiful painting.xx

  3. I love all the colors and layers on this. It's all beautifully balanced!


  4. beautiful new painting.
    happy weekend.

  5. Beautiful painting..Love the colors and the flowers in the body are gorgeus. The birdie is in the right place..inviting to be calm!

  6. I love all of the patterns in this. So much lovely texture and color! I'll see you at the retreat in May!

  7. It is beautiful Juliette….you have a woinderful year ahead of you….all the very best wishes for success! moira x

  8. Hi Juliette, I LOVE this new Owl painting. Its absolutely beautiful!! How exciting that you'll be attending the Do What you Love retreat!! I hope you have a fantastic and inspirational time with Flora Bowley!! I recently attended a workshop with Flora and it was wonderful. Wishing you every success with the Owl eclass too! Wini xo

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