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JOY :: A NEW Painting

“JOY”. 9 x 12″ on paper. Click here to visit my shop.


Lately, I’ve been working on a new series of paintings. I am exploring portraits and more specifically those beautifully soft and telling painted family portraits that you might see hanging as you climb the staircase of a great castle.

This series of paintings started as portraits of characters for an illustrated novel. But I realized I was trying so hard to finish the novel, that the writing had lost all of its strength.

So, I put the writing aside and focused on what I loved… painting.

I just love getting my hands dirty and layering inks, oils, pastels and paints.

It brings me so much joy. And I found that trying to stay attached to finishing a novel that felt like so much work, was only infusing that writing with frustration.

I’m still not sure where my writing will take me or what it will turn into next. But I know to follow my joy.

With this painting, “JOY”, my intention was to create something filled with light. I’ve been attracted to realistic portraits, so I wanted to give this character a human face, but also show she is not of this world.

The abstraction of her body portrays the ways our past experiences merge with our present moment. And her wild hair personifies her thoughts and memories as distant yet very much holding a physical space that continues to affect the here and now.


Juliette Crane


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