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inspired by tricia guild + more books i'm loving!

PATTERN by Tricia Guild
whenever i go on vacation i make sure to check out lots of fabulous books and magazines from the library!

i’ve been thinking a lot about surface pattern design and color, and of course tricia guild came to mind! i’m in love with this book PATTERN! tricia has authored quite a few others on color and interior design. and they’re all crazy inspiring!

and since i’m busy planning my HOW TO PAINT AN OWL e-course, i’ve been thinking all about the stencils i’ve used and how i’ve created them and just how the patterns might show up on fabric. Marisa Haedike of creative thursday (who always seems to have fabulous book recommendations) had this one, PRINTING BY HAND, on her book list.
not only is it so fun to look through at all the patterns and colors, but it gives some wonderful techniques and ideas for printing by hand!
FIBER ARTS magazine
and i always fall in love with fiber arts magazine. they always seem to showcase the unexpected, which i find so inspiring and just sort of let it all gather in my subconscious. the perfect page through on a sunny afternoon or a little vacation!
by Agatha Christie

and i’m always finding myself with a mystery novel on vacation. agatha christie is my current favorite. her books are just perfect for getting into for a few hours, heading to dinner, and then getting back into again before bed.

HOWL + KADDISH by allen ginsberg

i always find poetry inspiring too. one of my favorites has always been ee cummings, but i happened to see HOWL last week and it got me thinking i should reread some ginsberg again. these little travel editions are perfect for fitting into your bag and reading on the go too.


if you’re interested in seeing my past book recommendations, you can find more right here!

and in case you missed it, the lovely bonnie posted a little interview with me on her blog!

AND…i had such an unbelievable trip to california last week! i can’t wait to share all of the gorgeous photos with you later this week!!


  1. Ahhh books! I'm so attracted to books … love to read, love the way they look on the shelf, and I love the smell of a new book 🙂

  2. Oh I'll have to look at the Tricia Guild books-she slipped my mind. I also love pattern and am currently up to my knees in it for a project.
    Thanks for the book recommendations!

  3. Great book recommendations. I just picked up the first two from the library. Have you read Tales of the Female Nomad? It is really inspiring and has made me think a lot about my approach and attitude toward people and life. Congrats on Artful Blogging. I can't wait to see it!

  4. I couldn't believe how many of the same books we share in common, not to mention, Creative Thursday's blog!

  5. I also love ee cumin's…and your blog!

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