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What Inspires You?

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I’m most inspired by nature and the feelings, emotions and stories I see around me, every day.

That’s why it’s so important for me to make sure I take time, each day, to find that inspiration.

In the summertime it seems easier to be inspired. My inspirations can come from something as small as a walk through my flower garden or wandering with my camera to take photos of colorful skies and grasses near my house.

I can find inspiration in something like the way a bird flies or the shape of a leaf – or be inspired by someone’s smile and an overheard conversation at the coffee shop.

I don’t think I’d find so much inspiring, if I wasn’t really looking for it.

Most often that means snapping myself out of moving forward and being busy to find a little stillness. If I’m having an overwhelming day, I stop as soon as I recognize I’m frustrated and try to return to something that brings me joy.

It’s the same process I follow whenever I paint – if I stop having fun, then I return to my favorite colors and supplies.

Otherwise, I’ve learned, I won’t be doing whatever I think I need to be doing very well anyways. 

Where does your inspiration come from? I’d be delighted to know in the comments of this post share what inspires you.

Or, let me know what you’ve been creating lately.

Have a wonderful weekend!

With love + gratitude,
xo Juliette

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  1. I find myself inspired by objects I find these days. They are everywhere. I recently found a scrap of copper wiring that had been run over in the street repeatedly. I’ve made a charm of it and plan on doing a series of paintings featuring its shape.

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