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I was hoping to post some new photos of all of the fun art projects I’ve been working on, but it’s been super foggy and rainy here, so I haven’t been able to take photos. Instead, I thought I’d post some happy photos I took near my house last spring. Hope you enjoy them!

Sometimes it just takes a rainy day to slow down and make you remember why you’re doing something in the first place.

And a giant THANK YOU! to Meg at Twisted Tree for her sweet blog post, featuring my painting, MOON BELLY.


  1. I love that first picture! Today I noticed our tree is beginning to bloom. It is my favorite. You may see some pictures of mine soon!

  2. I love those pictures Juliette! Thank you for the “THANK YOU”, it is easy to write what is true, your paintings are amazing! Have a wonderful evening!

  3. What a beauty!.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. After looking at those photos, I am so craving warmer days. They are lovely. Looking forward to the photos of your projects. xo

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