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Ink Splatters & Bliss

“I simply do not distinguish between work and play.” -Mary Oliver


These paintings are part of the New York City pieces I created for my online workshop Bliss – Mixed Media On Location.

I was inspired to blend and merge acrylic and india inks the way I did with watercolors as a child.

This led me to adding layers of lokta papers, acrylics and washi tape. I was having so much fun creating with so much color and pattern.

Then when I was ready to add my characters, I didn’t want to lose all of that beauty underneath. So I decided to give them my Snooter-style, see-through noses.

I saw these graceful, long necks in the paint and layers next. And from there, each of these paintings evolved.

I love how each one has her own personality, but the technique and rhythm remained consistent, so, together, they create a triptych.

Painting these three reminded me to have fun with whatever it is I create. In playing like I did as a child, I always uncover so many new discoveries about myself and my artwork.

And it inevitably leads me to bliss.

Happy painting!

Juliette Crane

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