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In Heart, I Hear You

In Heart, I Hear You. Prints available in my etsy shop.

This little owl has been flying in a direction she thought was so right. Until finally she’s taken a break and landed among the breezy cattails to find she is lost. 

Sometimes it takes a bit of rest and time out to acknowledge what you know most, realizing that in listening to your heart, truth can be found.

For this painting I had so much fun drawing the cattails in with india ink. Then for added detail, I adhered thin strips of origami paper to match the paper on the owl’s belly!

Then I added all sort of mixed media materials from my studio-acrylic paint, pastel, watercolor and pencil. And on top, I applied an antique decoupage then a thin coat of wax to protect the piece from the elements.


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  1. Wonderful Painting ! I wish that I could make it as nice as you. Keep Moving forward ^_^

  2. Oh I love cat tails, and she is awesome!

  3. I love how the background of this seems to have a gentle glow, just like the forest gets when the sun shines through the leaves. <3 Lovely work, as always!

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