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i love brunch!

how can you not love brunch? especially when everyone coming over brings a dish to share! and there’s veggie quiche and gluetin-free quiche (both loaded with cheese), a pan of baked oatmeal with raspberries, clementines, buckwheat pancakes with real maple syrup, and six different types of bacon to try! (i didn’t try the bacon, but i love the idea of taste-testing almost anything…and it was a ton of fun to watch!)

it’s just so lovely to enjoy wonderful food with good friends! and you can hardly tell this is an after-shot with all of those clean plates! 

bon appetit!

and have a lovely weekend!!!


  1. Looks like you all had some really yummy food! I've never had baked oatmeal it looks so good.

  2. Oh my! What an incredible girl's day out!
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  3. Well I just finished a big meal and looking at these yummies make me want to eat again. Baked oatmeal ? Hummmmm don't think I have ever heard of it.

  4. the baked oatmeal is so easy and delicious!

  5. Am I invited next time? That looks so good. I'm sure the company was great too.

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