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how to paint a girl self-study NOW AVAILABLE!

WILLOW. Prints available in my etsy shop.
Contact me if you’re interested in the original painting.

i’m so excited that my HOW TO PAINT A GIRL painting class is now available as a self-study, instant access online workshop! 

so many people have said they just don’t get enough time to create. my hope is that with these self-study classes, you’ll have plenty of time to really get into all of the lessons, find your own style and paint whenever the time is right for you (my HOW TO PAINT AN OWL class is available as instant-access now too)!  

HOW TO PAINT A GIRL is super dear to my heart. i created this class to share more of my mixed media techniques and to help others let go and uncover their own unique style. if you’ve been wanting to play with art supplies and try out new mixed media techniques, but didn’t think you had the time…now the moment is right. with the self-study, instant access class, you’ll have access to the private class website until August 2013! 

i’m so grateful to be able to share my painting process with all of you and just absolutely adore seeing each and every painting that is created during my classes! i cannot wait to see even more too! here are a few of the fabulous girls painted during my last class…

Beth McCurdy

Beth McCurdy

Heidi McDonald

Heidi McDonald

Lynda Metcalf

 Marilyn Davies
Melanie Roberts

Melanie Roberts

and i’m so flattered by all of the kindness from past HOW TO PAINT A GIRL students… 

:: “this was such a fun class! juliette is so very generous with sharing her techniques and creative process. overall, the workshop was very well organized, insightful and easy to follow. thank you so much juliette!! xo.”

:: “I sign up for a lot of online workshops but have only completed a very few from start to finish. Juliette’s teaching style grabbed me from the beginning and I immediately felt like I could do this. I am proud to say I have been working steadily through the class completing the weekly projects AND I am now absolutely hooked on the painting process. And I am feeling so much more confident about my art.”

:: “Your class is the best!!! LOVED the format, the layout, the organization of your class, LOVED watching you paint, LOVED the inspirational blogs and pictures. Thank you so much!!!”

:: “Juliette is just so adorable in how she teaches. She comes across as being so calm and peaceful, but so full of positive energy and inspiration. In her class she explains all about how she creates her backgrounds and the different ways in which she approaches creating her girls.”

:: “Juliette is also very giving with her time, she is always available to offer help and support when needed and adds encouraging comments on work posted in the gallery.” 

:: “I’ve been working on developing my own style and exploring mixed media backgrounds. This class has taught me to trust in the process and when something doesn’t seem right you can just go over it and allow something new to emerge.”


ps. if you’re interested in owls and mixed media, you might really enjoy my HOW TO PAINT AN OWL online painting class…it’s available as a self-study course now too. find details for HOW TO PAINT AN OWL and register here!

pps. CREATIVE SUGAR continues tomorrow with a new inspiring story! it’s one that really stole my heart and i can’t wait to share it with you! if you’d like to be featured on CREATIVE SUGAR, submit your story here.


  1. Oh this looks at least as amazing as How to Paint an Owl! Your students all have their own different styles!

  2. thank you, lucy! i just adore how each artist's style & story really comes out!

  3. All of them are beautiful! <3

  4. aren't they? i love all of the different styles!

  5. Des oeuvres qui me séduisent particulièrement… Merci pour ce doux plaisir.

    Gros bisous.

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