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Letting Go + Developing Your Unique Style

Everyone always asks how I developed my artistic style.

I have to say, style was nothing I intentionally developed. It was just the thing that happened when I painted every day.

Most often I can look at a finished painting and see that it perfectly reflects who I am in that moment… all of the quirkiness and emotion I sometimes wish I could hide.

But I couldn’t TRY to make my art that way.

For me, finding my voice took a ton of painting, experimenting and following whatever brought me the most joy. 

Of course it can be difficult to find time to create every day.

I need to make it easy for myself, so I keep my sketchbook and a few art supplies out in my kitchen, ready to grab whenever I have a few minutes – some water-soluble oil pastels, a stabilo pencil, my travel-sized watercolor set and a brush ready to go in a cup of water.

Painting daily in my sketchbook helps me stay loose and adds whimsy and freedom to my artwork.

Staying creative makes me happy.

Happy painting!
xo Juliette

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  1. Love your style and colors… inspire me!

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